The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Nephilim - Giant Supernatural Beings.

The Quest for Supernatural Truth.

Simple legends often stimulate my interest. With the religious lore of supernatural beings, people might often scoff at such ancient and fanciful text. I often have. I think it was to rebel against certain school teachings.
I was taught about times of chaos. Masses of people wanting salvation and guidance from an almighty and all-knowing entity greater than themselves. All sort of cults or religions has developed across the world of humanity. I don’t believe such things. I could argue with any religion. I am sovereign of one realm. That treasured province of my mind with all its flaws and ignorance.
Yet now such harmony of mind is established, I can’t help picturing such created worlds in my mind’s eye. It is probable that celestial persons were not involved in our world disarray. But do you ever dream they were? There are Holy Scriptures. Report of diabolical supernatural creatures. Giants called the Nephilim. Did heroic humans stand against them? Perhaps David and Goliath might spring to mind. We love such tales and want to make them real. Even if they are not.

Mixing Science Fiction with Religious Scriptures. 
I watched a simple science fiction movie and I began to think of these Nephilim celestial beings again. The science fiction film was called Prometheus. It was one of those, Ridley Scott, Alien movies. The beginning of the story made an impression. It presented the notion of a giant human being from another planet. This strange humanoid man had a wonderful mystic and powerful look. He was walking over some rocks on our planet Earth. It is before mankind came about. The giant man stops upon a final rock and looks out at a fast flowing river. In the sky is a giant spaceship rising to the clouds. The glorious sci-fi presentation looked spectacular and tantalisingly Biblical. The water cascades over a precipice. A huge waterfall of rushing disorder. In the story, these giants are space travellers and they are later mentioned as engineers. They spread a DNA bio code. From this springs animal life including human. The whole scene is rather inspiring. It sucked me in and I enjoyed the movie. These engineers were meant to be a scientific fantasy of the Nephilim. The giants that stalked the world as a super race of warriors. The enormous men of the Bible.
Despite not being religious, I am often drawn to unexplainable things. Intrigue knows no boundaries and will invade even the most rational mind. If there is something on TV or an article about strange or paranormal topics, I am sucked in. I confess to being a total glutton for such swindles. I don’t believe a word of the scam. Yet something compels me to watch or read any probable deception placed before me. Perhaps I hope to find one that I can’t pass off with a flippant huff.
I’m not an atheist either. I’m in the ‘don’t know’ camp. I ponder the problem of life after death a lot. This is an indulgence that we are all susceptible to. I think there might be something on the other side. I just don’t know what. One way or another, I’m destined to find out. We all are.

Giant Engineer of Prometheus Movie.

Why are we compelled by myths?
Our archaeologists have found dinosaurs that lived over hundreds of millions of years ago. There are giant skeletons of such colossal creatures in museums all over the world. Yet many devout and religious people believe the ideology of Biblical writings. I understand that people could be indoctrinated during the middle ages. But today, with all the access we have to various types of knowledge?
If such giant people did exist we would have found remains. There are lots of photos containing images of giant skeletons dug up by people posing as archaeologists. Colossal skulls and bones with tiny humans digging up the remains. They look great at first sight. However, we all know photos can be doctored. The museums would happily display such marvels if they were real. The mind-boggling discoveries would be world news. Sadly Nephilim celestial beings are not true.

Fake Photos Are Every Where.

Real People of our World
There are abnormally tall people who may qualify as such, but these people have genetic disorders. We have remarkably large races of people in Africa. The Zulus are very tall people. Also, exceptionally small people if we consider Pygmy tribesman. They are very slight in height and build. Sometimes I wonder whether African peoples who travelled to the Middle East may have told stories of these strange tribesmen. It got passed on among other cultures and corrupted in some way over generations. Then when peoples began to write, bards and other types of fable tellers dictated corrupted versions of the ancient tales.

Perhaps many of us want to find something of the vast unknown we are going to before we get there. Everyone wants to jump the gun or indulge the concept at odd moments through life. We hope for clues of celestial beings. Just a real and unchallengeable fact that might lend support to an existence of something greater than us human beings. I don’t believe in Christianity, but when I first watched the movie called The Exorcist, I was petrified. Then when I’m rational, I tell myself that I do not believe such things. Is there some deeply routed psych buried within us? Some instinct in all animal life? A code or program in all DNA?

I see many things that I’m sure are elaborate hoaxes. I'm positive the photo shot of the giant skeleton in this article is doctored. However, I’m always compelled by strange scriptures from religious documents. Again, I don’t believe such things. Even if I would like some of the fabrications to be true.
I remember reading about celestial beings that are called Nephilim. These giant human beings are spoken of in the Bible. (Genesis 6: 1-4.) A race of superhumans that were hybrids. They are reported to be the sons of fallen angels who took mortal human women as their wives. The relegated supernatural beings are described as sons of God. One would assume that there were Nephilim women offspring too. To my knowledge, the religious scriptures don’t mention female Nephilim. Surely these reduced divine beings and mortal women did not have exclusive male offspring. I often wonder how the writers of the scripture came by such parables in the first place. The mind that created such beings must have been inspired by a source from somewhere. Perhaps before writing developed. Maybe from word of mouth by lyricists around a tribal campfire. Lots of tribes all over the world would surely have versions of tales about giant warriors.
Fables are enjoyable. Yet sometimes I wish we could find something that was true yet mind-blowing on the supernatural scale. A positive fact to prove there is life beyond our world. Whether from another star system or from a celestial source. Many of our planet's diverse cultures have stories of a great flood. We all know of Noah and his arc. Caucasian explorers went to Africa and came across an isolated tribe called the Khoikhoi. Sometimes they are referred to as Hottentots. These people had a tale of a great flood across the world. They saw a giant boat with a huge house upon its deck. It is a small issue I admit, but I can’t help clutching at little things like this. So many obscure cultures have stories of a huge flood. So many cultures have stories of giant men. Men like the Nephilim.

 Some people dismiss logical things to believe indulgences they want to be true.

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