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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Giving You Moyra Melons' Great Ear Rings.

This British lady is famous for her collection of different ear rings. The one thing that stands out in all her pictures; is that she always wears a new set of ear rings. It's the first thing that strikes me when ever I see a picture of her. If only every lady was like Moyra Melons - the entire male race would be spoilt for ladies in wonderful ear rings.

Notice how subtle Moyra's ear rings are, but really; they're screaming 'Hey, look at these.'

She's one of our a fabulous British ladies and I'm sure men in other countries would be envious of the ear rings our Brit women wear.

I'm sure feminists all over the world would think I'm shallow for getting excited over this lady's ear rings, but they really do flick switches for me, and if that's being male and shallow; I confess I love it - I delight in being so wonderfully shallow.

I think Moyra knows she has nice ear rings too, because she certainly seems to enjoy finding subtle ways of showing them off.

When I look at her in with those nice ear rings; it makes me so pleased I'm a man and can appreciate such things.  Hooray, for Moyra and keep showing those ear rings in wonderful subtle ways.

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