The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jethro Tull - The Whistler

I've had to put another Jethro Tull on because I'm really spoilt for choice as to the amount of fine songs by this wonderful band. I just love the rustic-folk-rock combination of them and they are bringing back great memories.

Long Lankin (Steeleye Span)

This is Steeleye Span's, Long Lankin Folk song with a made up video from a YouTube Member. It is very good and the song is very haunting too - one of my favorite Steeleye Span tracks.

Jethro Tull - Teacher 1970

Because I think Jethro Tull are great and at the moment; I'm in a real Jethro Tull mood. I've got to put this real retro scene of the band doing a track called: Teacher. It is from 1970 - 41 years ago now. I can remember it too and it does not seem that long ago. When I look at these old clips; I realize how much the world has changed, but you don't notice it on a day to day basis. You have to see the 'THEN,' now on retro film to realize. Still its nice to reach back and touch some of those nostalgic moments.

Jethro Tull - Witches Promise

This was one of my most favorite bands of all. Jethro Tull made wonderful sounds for decades. They are the only band I would like to see live. Everything they do is vibrant and alive with a wonderful folk and rustic sound mingled with modern day rock instruments.

Moyra Melons' bed time ear rings.

Moyra Melons was turning in for the night and had forgotten to take off her ear rings.

"You haven't taken them off yet darling." Her husband pointed at the ear rings she was wearing - tiny studded ones hidden by the shadow on her face.

"I'm about to," she replied pulling a strap down.

"Oh dear," he added as he began to come over in a hot flush. "I meant your ear rings."

"I thought I might leave them on tonight. They're only small studs but are rather exquisite and I thought they might take your mind off of other things. You've had a stressful week and are tired."

"Well I don't want to be distracted from other things by your delightful ear rings dear - trust me on this one darling."

"Oh well, if you insist." Moyra took of her ear rings and turned out the lamp. She quickly realised that her husband's mind was on things other, then pretty ear rings.

I don't think it would have mattered if Moyra left her ear rings on - do you?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Parliament Square F1 Pit Stop (Mark Webber)

All four wheels changed in 3.5 seconds. Old off and new on in just that space of time. Drive in and 3.5 seconds later drive out with new wheels.

If he had drove it into a retail outlet; the mechanics would be trying to tell him he had doggy brakes or something and these would need doing too.

Not the blokes of the Red Bull Pit Stop team - you are in and out in 3.5 seconds.

PENTANGLE Light Flight - 40 years later

I had to replay this famous Pentangle track - self indulgent on my part - Yes. However, the sound is better and there is a kind sadness about it because the musicians are obviously 40 years older, but still enjoying the wonderful sounds they have created, and still bringing pleasure to people. 

Sally Oldfield - Mirrors

This is one that takes me back to some nice memories of my youth. Sally Oldfield did some great songs and this is one of my favorites.

the rah band - the crunch

This band were as camp as Christmas and I remember there were a number of these types of bands in the 70s. I liked this one called the crunch. Not sure about the outfits though ... :)

Space - Magic Fly Music Video

I remember running out and buying this album in 1977 or 1978. I thought it was great and that music of the future would sound like this. Of course I was wrong - it faded away and new sounds came along - many equally as good or better. However, this track: Magic Fly brings back memories of my youth and the mates I would go out beering with. I wonder where they are now?

Moyra Melons' subtle kitchen ear rings

Moyra Melons called her husband into the kitchen during a social gathering and asked him if her new ear rings sparkled enough. She had a thing about ear bling and always wanted to get it right.

"Above all things, I need to know if they are noticeable when I'm out there, among people," she said.

"I'm sure they are dear," replied her husband. He was once again coming over in a hot flush. "I think you have the best pair in the world darling. You always do. I can't get over how good they look. I just don't like it one other fellows oggle them."

"Oh don't be like that," teased Moyra - flattered that her husband always seemed to find that right thing to say about her ear rings. "The guests will be gone soon and then things will not seem quite so bad. Then there will be no other fellas oggling my ear rings."

"Oh that's very reassuring darling," replied her husband as they both went back into the living room and mingled with their guests.

It did take rather a long time for many of the men to leave. Obviously Moyra's ear rings were pulling the admiring glances more then might be expected. Funny that - don't you think?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Pentangle - Light Flight

Another good folk band was Pentangle. This particular track sticks in my mind because it was used as an intro to a television series in the late 1960s. My mother used to watch 'Take Three Women.' I only liked this tune at the beginning. In this clip; Pentangle play live; and the track is called Light Flight.

Steeleye Span The weaver and the factory maid

Steeleye Span used to take some of the older, original folk songs and redo them to special affect. I love this one. It takes a person back in time. I think Steeleye Span have a more raw feel about them and sound more rustic.

Renaissance - Northern Lights

In the late sixties and seventies there were a good number of new folk bands that made some very good tracks. This one called Northern Lights was one of my favorites and was performed by a band called Renaissance


I can remember watching this band on the television as a kid. I think it might have been a 60s Top of the Pops or something. I always thought they were strange because there was only three people in the band. Usually there was four or more in most rock bands. Or so I thought, back then.

I knew Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 at the age of just 27, but I was surprised to learn that the entire trio are now brown bread (DEAD.) The Bass player, Noel Redding, died in Ireland in 2003 age 57 and the Drummer, Mitch Mitchell died in 2008 On tour in Oregon USA. 


JOHNNY WINTER - I Love Everybody

I used to have this track on an old album called 'Fill Your Head with Rock.' It was full of various artist from the late sixties and was released in 1970. Some of the many Rock singers were: Janis Joplin, Steamhammer, Black Widow, Argent and  above; the albino Blues guitarist Johnny Winter singing one of my favorite tracks: I Love Everybody.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Last of the Mohicans

Old movie with Gary Cooper in The Last of the Mohicans. This YouTube movie is one of my favorites about the untamed frontier of North America.

The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield

Jane Mansfield was an absolute peach. This is from YouTube and takes the viewer arond the world with Jane Mansfield. She had an IQ that was among the top 5% of the world population. So there was a little more to her then the lovable dumb blonde she portrayed herself as.  

Bigfoot Monster of North America

I think the main things that makes legends and myths intersting for 'would be' explorers to prove right; is the fact that we might secretly want them to be true. It appeals to our sense of wonder and we like this to be tweaked every now and then. Or perhaps some of us like to be tweaked more vigorously then others. For those that do; this documentary is one to watch. 

Dilemma for British Government (London Protest 250,000 + people on 26th March 2011)

I think the British government, (the coalition of Conservative and Liberal Democrats) are in a very difficult position. Large Banking industries have caused a terrible dilemma in many nations around the world and in Britain, where the banking industry is very big; the consequences are very bitter for every day working people.

The previous government had to bail out the banks with tax payers money. This was necessary because these money industries could not be allowed to fall. A new political programme has been worked out by the new government to get rid of the debt Britain is now in. There are national spending cuts across the country and once again, everyday folk must pay for it. What the government is doing is basically right and even opposition parties generally agree that these things can't go on. However, the reality is; our government has to walk a tightrope. To keep big industry in the country the government must give them tax concessions. Many of these corporations are the industries that caused the mayhem in the first place. If the government does not do this; the money industry will go abroad. It is these big money corporations that hold us all to ransom including our hard pressed government. No matter what party is in power, they will all be up against this situation.

The every day folk of our nation are told by our government that we are all in this together. As the government spending and pension schemes are cut and watered down, every day people have realised we are not all in this together! The failed banking industries and other money making industries enjoy tax concessions and bonus pay outs beyond the every day person's imagination. These industries are holding us to ransom and all nation's governments must try to unite to stop these conditions.

Our tax system is too complex and there are so many loop holes that clever accountants use for these corporations too. All this further antagonises the declining situation. We need to see a fairer system and be confident that we are all in this together because right now, it does not feel like it to most working people.

Yesterday, 26 March 2011, over a quarter of a million people marched to London in protest. The hard pressed government is running out of options. Their politics on this huge matter is being questioned more vigorously by a multitude who no longer care or see what the big money industries might do.

If the government does not try to tweak things on a more noticeable scale, I think it might fall. Many of the protesters have no choice but to think about industrial action. This would be terrible, but on the other hand, there must be a way of making the taxing and spending cuts fairer.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Vercingetorix of Gaul

Vercingetorix became king of a Gaulish nation in 52 BC, during the time of the growing Roman Empire. The Gaul king raised an army and allied with other tribes. He then took over all control of the combined armies of all Gaul. The aim was to overthrow the rule of the expanding Roman Empire. 

Vercingetorix would lead Gaul's formidable revolt against Roman power for many years. After a bitter and bloody struggle, he was forced to surrender to the Romans. He had been defeated at the Battle of Alesia. He was taken back to Rome and imprisoned for five years.

The Gauls were to suffer a horrendous fate at the hands of their Roman conquerors. The Roman army, under Julius Caesar, would kill one in four of the entire population of Gaul because of their resistance. An estimated one million people - men, women and children were put to the sword.

In 46 BC, after five years of imprisonment, Vercingetorix was paraded through Rome as part of Caesar's triumph. At the end of the procession, Vercingetorix, the King of Gaul, was ritually and publicly executed before the Roman.population.

Moyra Melons ear rings attract observers.

Moyra Melons and her various assortment of ear rings attract a lot of people to this blog. This is strange, but welcome and it just goes to show that a blogger can latch onto something by flicking the right switch. In this instance; Moyra Melons and her outstanding ear rings. I'm very thrilled that a ladies fine taste in ear bling can attract traffic this way.

Moyra Melons is also very happy and surprised by this (though her husband has refused to comment.) He seems to think it might be something else, but every time he is asked to say what other things it might be; he starts to stutter and forget. Moyra Melons says her husband can be a little ditherer over her taste in ear rings.

Still that is for Moyra Melons and her husband to sort out. In the mean time, I would like visiting people to look closely at Moyra's ear rings in this latest photo. They are tiny and subtle yet scream out to be noticed and everything else fades in to obscurity. Doesn't it?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Full movie of Northwest Passage (Spencer Tracey)

If I could choose another time and place to live in, I would be tempted to see the old frontier of North America.

I always love these pioneer type movies, especially the older glamorous and more romantic view of them, even though this might be a little self indulgent on my part. Perhaps the reality was a little more harsh, but there is a compelling lure of this untamed and unexplored continent - as it was in this time. 

Above is the full length movie from Youtube. For anyone who might be interested; please enjoy... :)

Davy Crockett - school boys hero.

I know David Crockett is a real life American hero and would never try to disrespect the true history of this larger then life folk legend. But this Walt Disney production of David Crockett - King of the Wild Frontier; was one of my absolute favourites as a kid. The final scene when the Alamo fell and the heroic David Crockett is on the stairs fighting to the last, is splendid.

This is great American Retro film - the type that made everyone, anywhere, cheer for the good guys. It makes me want to get on my horse and ride off into the wilderness and have adventures - hoora!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Messerschmitt Me 262

Germany's Messerschmitt Me 262 was the first jet powered aircraft to be used operationally. It was designed before the war, but due to engine development problems, the aircraft was not put into service until beyond mid 1944. By this time the Allies had entered Europe and much of Germany's Luftwaffe was spent as an effective force.

The sudden appearance of this fast jet, however, did catch the allies off guard for a while and the Me 262 was responsible for 509 kills. 

To combat this fast aircraft, the allies used ground attack fighter bombers to destroy them on the ground or taking off and landing. Fortunately for the allies this excellent jet fighter entered the war too late, there was not enough of them and fuel availability all took their toll on the over all effectiveness of the craft.

Monday, 21 March 2011

ME 163 Komet

The Me 163 was the only rocket powered aircraft to see operational service and its performance speed reached 698 miles per hour. This was colossal at the time of 1944.

The small odd looking craft used special fuel and the pilot was surrounded by the extremely corrosive and volatile mixture. Many test pilots were killed by tank ruptures when fuel spilt over them.

As a fighter, the Komet Me 163 was ineffective. The craft only scored 16 victories for 10 losses. Over 300 were built and many of these were divided among the allied forces when the air fields were over run by the enemy. There are many on display in museums around the world including the UK. I have seen one at an aircraft museum.

Above is footage of the Me 163 and an interview with a British test pilot who flew a captured Me 163.


Gloster Meteor at Australian Air Show

I did a blog about the Australian Air force and Gloster Meteors in the Korean War. I wonder if this is one of the old 77 squadron from that time when the Ozzies used the jet as a ground attack craft. Maybe it was preserved from that 1950s and is now in these great air shows. This was a marvellous plane built by the British towards the end of World War II.

The Australian Air force used them to maximum potential, in Korea, attacking Chinese and North Korean ground forces. However, the first generation jet was outclassed in the air by the more modern Soviet second generation MIGs, during dogfights. Despite this, the Gloster Meteor was able to claim three dogfight kills.

The above footage from an Australian air show is a terrific example of what the jet could do.

Confederate soldier being interviewed age 100+

This is a recording of a real Confederate soldier being interviewed in the 1940s. He speeks of his life during the Ameerican Civil War and is a great piece of history from the very man - an account of what Julius Howell witnessed back in the early 1860s as a young man during this terrible conflict. He lived to be 102 and died in 1948.

The Red Baron's Funeral

I have done a blog on the Red Baron's last dogfight in April 1918.

This is a moving news film of the flying Ace's funeral conducted by his respectful enemy. His crashed plane was in an Australian section of the front and he receives full military honours.

Elephant in the garden of Eden finds Adam.

And so; the mighty elephant did wander into the garden of Eden - where upon, he came to a clearing, and here stood the man, Adam.

Looking the man up and down, the elephant did say unto Adam; "How the blooming hell do you feed yourself with that?"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Moyra Melons' new ear rings don't wobble!

Moyra Melons husband came home from work to be confronted by his darling wife sitting on the washing machine as it went into an intense spin and shake. She had a big gratifying smile on her face as she looked back at him.

"Have you noticed this pair don't wobble. They'll be ideal for the Latin dance class tonight." Her mood was one of delight.

"They don't wobble?" responded her husband, wondering what on earth she was talking about. "They look pretty wobbly to me dear."

She put her hands to her ears and clasped the pearl ear studs. "No they are not. I assure you; this pair does not wobble."

"Oh! your ear rings." He came over in a delightful hot flush (as usual.) "I'm sure they will work splendidly at the Latin dance class."

"I've been looking for a pair that don't bounce about," added Moyra.

"I'm rather taken with your more bouncy ones," said her husband. "Will we be cutting lots of capers and doing spins at the dance class tonight dear?"

"Of course. It is usual in Latin dance classes you know," she replied knowingly.

"If you start spinning Moyra; you might not be able to stop." Her husband gave her a very serious stare. "Come upstairs and let me explain the complex aerodynamics of it all."

Moyra Melons went upstairs but did not understand the aerodynamics of it all because her husband did not indulge in too much conversation. However, afterwards she was a bit concerned that he might be a little worn out for the Latin dance class.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Who was Lieutenant General Maharaja Sir Pertab Singh of Idar

Lieutenant General Maharaja Sir Pertab Singh (Pratap Singh) was a very distinguished soldier in the British Army and won great merit during his life. He lived during the period of Empire and in the Raj times when Britain ruled in India.

He was the third son of the Maharaja of Idar (Gujarat) in India and was born in 1845. When his Father died in 1873, he found all sorts of diplomatic responsibilities put upon him. He was a regent and administrator in the coming years and entered the British Army.

His Bengal Lancers attacked German lines in 1915

He served with the Jodhpur Bengal Lancers from 1878 to 1918 and saw service during conflicts in Afghanistan, plus China in 1901, during the Boxer rebellion. His service of 40 years took him to many places. He also served in the First World War towards the end of his military career, winning a list of honours during his life. His Jodhpur Bengal Lancers faced the Germans in several battles during the Great War and won a great reputation.

Jodhpur Bengal Lancers storming trench

He died in 1922 and was close to three of Britain's monarchs. Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, and King George V all admired the Indian prince as a great man who had served as an aid to all three at times during his distinguished career.