The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

H.M.S. Thunder Child vs The Martian Tripods of War of the Worlds

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Moyra Melons Bounces Back with New Ear Rings.

There are a pair of things in this world that Moyra Melons likes to know capture a chaps attention. She finds all sorts of ways to show them off and we readers have enjoyed a fine range of different methods in which Moyra displays her lovely attributes. She is often unsure if fellows will notice them, but to her joy; we always do.

I'm sure that right now they are the first pair of divine things that you, the reader of this blog, perceive. Yes I know your dazzled, so let us cast aside my British understatement and celebrate Moyra Melons divine ways of displaying many a perfect pair of delightful ear rings.

Does any American US Air Force Person Know Vietnam Vet Ronald Black

Ronald Black 1947 - 2001 Veitnam Vet US Air Force

Sometimes, I was work in a cemetery in Essex, England, UK. It is a strange place at times and one comes across all sorts of things. You learn about the robins who are extremely territorial and quite vicious little things. The graves are lined headstones with privet hedge borders running around the entire perimeter and each robin has its own section of shrub and area of ground beyond which it defends against intruders. When we dig graves; the robins like to come close and search the dirt mound for worms. It is all part of nature and we become quite accustomed to the robins, as they do us grave diggers.

The graves tell all sorts of stories and some are rather tragic, while others talk of long life, asking questions of what the deceased might have seen during their lives. Sometimes, I come across a grave that causes one to wonder. The headstone above is of an American person called Ronald Black. I could not help but take a photo because I wondered, how he came to be buried in this quite little graveyard in Hockley, Essex, England. Perhaps he was a Brit who was in the US Air Force?

Ronald Black was born on 1st of April 1947 and died on his 54th birthday - 1st April 2001. He was in the US Air Force and fought in the Vietnam War. This would not be unusual for an American born in the late 1940s of course, but where he lived after, and died at such a young age afterwards, in England does seem strange to me. He might have old Vietnam Vet friends in the USA who remember him from the late sixties while serving in his nation's air force during the Vietnam War. So, in a way, this blog is here for any Vietnam veteran American who might have known Ronald Black while in the US Air Force. He rests in peace in Hockley, Essex, England, UK 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Heroine Phillipa Langley Finds Bones of England's King Richard III

Phillipa Langley of the Richard III Society
The Strange Lady from Edinburgh 

One might suppose that the King Richard III Society was or is a quirky little organisation made up of slightly eccentric people. I would thinks so, yet there is something strange and compelling to all us ordinary muggle-like people who smile indulgently at such groups. 

These idiosyncratic and wonderful people flick a switch of interest now and then, and many of us have heard of this conspiracy theory group who want to restore England's King Richard III name to a level of high standing.

After forensic people from Dundee crafted knew features Phillipa  Langley  could  see how King Richard III appeared.

The first trench stumbled upon Richard III's remains
I was thrilled by this strange lady from Edinburgh who had been working relentlessly to find his body, so that we might learn more of this king's death. For many years she wrote letters and went before committees to try and get permission to dig up a car park in Leicester. These people of various boards, that had this strange and nerdy type lady coming before them, must have thought she was a total fruit cake. Yet some how - our strange heroine, named Phillipa Langley, would not give up the battle - and all respect to the lady - what an absolute champion. 

How very right she was among the none-believers and all us muggle-like and indifferent people. Phillipa Langley found treasure, and I watched the documentary spellbound as this lady, who seemed to be very over emotional, found and had the bones of one of our most infamous kings dug up.

Phillipa Langley next to relative of Richard III - the man's DNA was positive.
Next followed many trials and tribulations concerning tests. This involved carbon dating and testing DNA against known living relatives of today. Special forensic examiners based in Dundee,  came down south and crafted a replica of King Richard III's skull and then were able to add face muscle and eyes to display what the dead king looked like.

King Richard III Skull

Sometimes during all this, Phillipa Langley appeared to go a little over the top with her mixed emotions, asking some of the scientific crew to carry the boxed bones to a van draped in the royal standard of the time. Of course the scientific crew were stalwart test people and politely declined such an invitation. However, other enthusiasts to the project complied. All these things were going on before tests proved conclusive, so scientists did not want to jump the gun. However, I would suppose Phillipa Langley had been working for many years to achieve all of this and by these moments; everything was unfolding before her dazzled eyes.

I have since heard whispers that a group of searchers are going after King Alfred the Greats bones. By the way, King Richard III will be given a proper burial on Leicester Cathedral - all royal honour restored. I still think he killed the princes in the tower though.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Last Days Of Thunder Child by C A Powell - Book Reviews

For reviews on USA please click here and scroll down.

By Brian on February 5, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Length: 2:48 Mins
Novels like this are like a painting inside of a painting, or a painting inside someone else's painting. C A Powell does a great job in both stepping into Wells world and handling the sea battle, which is probably the most challenging kind of battle to write. For more detail watch the video I made. For a buck this book is definitely worth it. I got at least seven out of it.

What would it have been like for the crew of HMS Thunder Child? The fictitious ship from the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. 

I had a fascination with Victorian ironclads and the first revolving turret ships. These steel beasts of the British Empire never really saw action of note because during this day and age, the Royal Navy was very advanced with many ships to call upon to serve its vast empire. It was never put to the test until the time of the dreadnoughts in WWI. There was a 100 year period when Great Britain's navy cruised, at will, around the entire planet. Nothing of substance could face it upon our Earth. Nothing of note did. These wonderful ships came and went during that period of peace at sea, for Great Britain.

Then, to my delight, I read H.G.Wells' fabulous SciFi novel set in the Victorian era. This author created the ultimate for me. Nothing on Earth could face this proud navy. So he brought us 'off world aliens' from Mars in gigantic machines that roamed, at will, on three legs. The story contained a small exert of an old ironclad called HMS Thunder Child. It lasted but half a page within the novel, but gave me cause to wonder.

I wanted the ship (Thunder Child) to be like HMS Devastation or HMS Thunderer the sister ship. They were among the first revolving turrets ships without sails. I wanted the old fictitious ironclad (HMS Thunder Child) to be like one of these. It would have been built in 1971 and therefore would be old by 1898. For poetic licence I wanted it to have retained its muzzle loading guns with short stumpy barrels that barely protruded from the revolving turret's ports. I needed to invent a reason for the old (and by this time) obsolete guns to still be in use. Muzzle loaders were changed for long barrel breech loaders across the Royal Navy in the 1880s decade, after a terrible accident with HMS Thunderer.

All this was created to give fictitious HMS Thunder Child an excuse to still have the muzzle loaders, years after them becoming obsolete in the Royal Navy. It lent the ship a vulnerability, to my mind, as I decided to write a pastiche novel set in H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds Universe. I wanted to go aboard Thunder Child in the days prior to her encounter with three Martian tripods in the River Blackwater, off the Coast of Maldon in Essex, England, UK. The River Blackwater is a small tributary that leads out into the North Sea. What happened in the days leading up to the dramatic event?

Writing - The Last Days of Thunder Child - a pastiche story 

It took me upon a fantasy of my own and an enjoyable adventure. It was a wonderfully engrossing project. If anyone reads H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds or even listens to Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation of the book, they will delight in the tale of Thunder Child's grand moment as the brave ironclad attacks the Martians to save a paddle steamer crammed with refugees.  I decided to go back a few days hence the confrontation, and join the crew upon its journey that would lead to the ultimate meeting. 

Images below of Thunder Child and HMS Devastation - the way I imagined the ficticious ship from War of the Worlds.

Artist impression of Thunder Child

Model of HMS Devastation
Another view of HMS Devastation
Artist's impression of HMS Devastation in Malta
Impression of Thunder Child battling Martian tripods

Jeff Wayne's artist does a great image of Thunder Child.
To enjoy The Last Days of Thunder Child - a pastiche from War of the Worlds please check out.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pro EU People Offer Nothing Constructive to UK

I am sure that long term, Britain within the EU can work. However, pro-Euro people can't say it will be alright in the long run, even though it will. British people will not buy this at the moment. Perhaps David Cameron's attempt to kick the can down the road until 2017 might be such an attempt. I can understand this. In the meantime pro-EU needs better teeth then to start fear mongering about the UK being in a disastrous situation if it left the EU. It would not. The UK would probably be better off staying in the EU if it changed. It must change and pro-Euro Brits must emphasis this more. If the EU will not tolerate this, then I would reluctantly agree that the UK must leave.
David Cameron has bought some time, perhaps, but among pro-EU people, there is no one of substance who can offer plausible arguments against mass migration and to change laws we are powerless to impose as a sovereign nation because there is an EU directive prohibiting us. No matter how much the EU, rants that we can't have powers back; they must yield to this. If they refuse, we leave. We cannot possibly stay in under such restricting circumstances. I am in total agreement with David Cameron on this, we need to see what we can change and if we can do this first. We must also be careful that little mince morsels of consent from the EU are not bigged up to appear like we have got power back. There must be clear honesty from our own politicians.