The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

North Korean 75th Aniversary Parade - Old Style Communist Nation

North Korea celebrates its communist roots with a very spectacular parade. Yet the leaders of this nation seem to follow a more monarchy type rule. I know this might seem a bit rich coming from a Brit, who lives in a country where there is a queen. It is however, true of this communist nation. The leaders inherit the rule of this country upon father to son basis - yet they celebrate Socialism in a strange and bizarre way.  They also have a very different view of their history concerning the Korean war and don't seem to mention China's help during this conflict. The state controls everything including history that can be fashioned to what they decide it must be.

I think the parade looks spectacular but is this all that the nation has to look forward too? I've watched other communist nation's parades and with the exception of China; North Korea seems to be the most compelling. They really seem to pull out all the stops. I'm not sucked in by the prospect of living in such a place, however. They seem like robots. Not the soldiers, but the obedient audience. The commentator talks of joy under the glorious leadership of these strange (regal type) communist rulers. I wonder how other communist nations view North Korea.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thomas The Rhymer song by Steeleye Span

Thomas the Rhymer is also a favourite from Steelye Span in the 1970s. I like some of the old Brit folk songs jazzed up on modern day instruments and blended with old authentic as well. Steelye Span were very good at doing this.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Moyra Melons Swimming Ear Rings

"Do you think people will notice these?" asked Moyra Melons, pleased with her choice of swimming ear rings.

"Well," replied her attentive and amused husband. "I'm sure that any chap would be hard pressed to miss such fine attributes."

"Only the chaps? What about the women? After all ladies like to see fine ear rings too. I often look at other ladies ear rings. Haven't you ever noticed."

"Err - no Moyra - I can't say I have, but I've a sneaking feeling that most woman would be rather envious of yours."

Moyra Melons smiled at her husband. "You always seem to know what to say. You're a rascal, but also; a good and kind flatterer."

"Oh I find it just comes naturally when I look at you Moyra and I never tier of observing you in various poses, especially with such splendid pairs of ear rings."

"I always try to make sure I have a nice pair to flash off," she replied.

"And you always succeed beyond your wildest imaginations," replied her appreciative husband.

"Yes but there might always be another that could succeed better then I at this," countered Moyra cheekily.

With complete confidence her husband replied. "There is only one thing that springs to mind when thinking of something that might succeed better then you Moyra."

"Really?" said Moyra inquisitively. "What could succeed better then me?"

"A parrot with no beak," he replied with a broad grin. "But then the poor thing would have to."   

Monday, 6 February 2012

Judie Tzuke - Shoot From the Heart (1983)

I think Judie Tzuke had a great dreamy and haunting voice because her songs take me back to the early eighties when I was in my early twenties. My life stretched out before me and I was always going to do something great tomorrow. But tomorrow never came and a slow realization that the world was not my oyster did. However, discovering these things is all part of growing up and these lovely songs and singers lost their appeal as I got older. Not Judie Tzuke, of course, because she is captured in my mind's eye and in a time when I was a youth, like many artists of that time. I mean that today's good artists don't touch me in the same way because I'm happily biased and protective of my past retro memories. Her voice and song takes me back to the dreamy years when I was full of optimism and ill deserved confidence.

I like the way I came of age and would not change the way I lived over the past few decades. These songs let me reach back and touch one of those retro moments of my bygone younger days. And for a moment; I can indulge myself with a smile at how wonderfully naive, I'm glad to say, I was. You can't be a youth without enjoying some of your mistakes. After all; they were not bad errors - just a drop of youthful self indulgence to wear, if you can reach back through a nice dreamy song, like Judy Tzuke from 1983 - Shoot From the Heart. Smashing stuff to lean back and close your eyes to and then walk about London in the 1980s as I was then in those little moments of eternity. They are always there and can never go away because in liner time you are frozen in such moments like a photograph and somewhere, somehow; you'll always be able to wrap yourself in such kind things.

Silly Sisters - My Husband's Got No Courage in Him

Maddy Prior and June Tabor did this wonderful folk album and the above track; 'My Husbands Got No Courage in Him,' refers to the lack of lead in the said husband's pencil. In this particular case; his penis. This info is for people not of Brit persuasion who might not understand. It means he is not sexually capable of pleasing his wife. It is a comical song and would have probably been more for the ale houses of the time or at a village gathering when all were inebriated and being frivolous and naughty.