The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bucking Bronco Christmas 1966

As a boy, I had a variety of different toys. Many of them were enjoyed, but recently I recalled a special one after my aunt Iris passed away. It was one of those little things that jog a memory. It must have been about two or three days after Christmas of 1966. At least I'm almost certain it was that year. It was evening and I can remember my Mum and Dad being happily surprised when my Uncle Fred (Mum's elder brother) knocked on the door with aunt Iris. All were happy and I can remember my aunt Iris giving to my sister and me each, a splendidly wrapped box with a bow. This was a delightful bonus a few days after Christmas. I can't remember what my sister got, but clearly remember genuine joy and astonishment when I opened my Christmas present. It was a key clockwork wined-up bucking bronco (horse) with a colourful cowboy in a yellow tartan like shirt and a dark plain scarf, a hat that came off, side guns and spurs - the whole cowboy package as far as a little boy was concerned. When one turned the key, the bronco bucked and the cowboy would be thrown off. I thought it was marvelous and I remember thinking the cowboy was smashing, because he had side guns and I could pretend that he was able to get off his horse and walk about with bow legs.(In my kiddie imagination) Plus if you never turned the key, you could pretend the horse was well behaved and carried his cowboy from place to place in the normal well behaved manner. Well, you know what its like at that age, you love cowboy and Indian flicks - John Wayne and Co. I thought this toy was the full shilling with a bit of mustard to boot. I never remembered what happened to it, but I do believe my old aunt Iris and Uncle Fred must have put a lot of thought into that one. When I heard aunt Iris had passed away, that 1966 Christmas time visit and the little box of delight sprang to mind - a little moment in eternity for aunt Iris. x


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