The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Moyra Melons' Black Earrings and Matching Black Skirt Challenge Fake News.

Moyra Melons was very pleased with her new black earrings. She was telling her husband on the phone that she had a really nice pair of dangling ones with a wonderful tantalising retro British feel to them. These were the real thing and no amount of understatement could hide such fine ear bling. There are no white elephants in Moyra's home.

Her husband probably came over in a hot flush, but Moyra told him she had once again managed to play the large showy things down by getting matching black spectacles and a modest black skirt that went well with the fine earrings.

"Was it something you just threw on?" her trembling husband asked. 

Moyra Melons replied, "Yes." And with great aplomb and a certain amount of earring gratification one might be inclined to peddle.

As one might see. Moyra avoids no issues. Not where her ear bling is concerned.

I think she almost missed when throwing on the skirt; don't you?

Also, such fine ear bling can take my mind off of the way our TV news and newspapers present fake news concerning our nation. If we can peddle economic truths and pussyfoot around real issues, omit obvious facts by owning the debate and choosing which things to focus on. We believe we can sleepwalk people into all sorts of controlled beliefs. Perhaps for a short while.

Then, if you are like a British EU-Remain voter, make them feel bad or vulgar if one dares to mention issues we don't want to admit or talk about. 

Therefore, if there is anything else that grabs an observer's attention, please be polite and pretend such things are not there.

Don't Be Blinded by Economic Truth.  #Brexit #BrexitMeansBrexit

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