Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Nephilim Giants - sons of Fallen Angels and human women

The Nephilim are meant to be an ancient race of giant beings that lived during the time of the Antediluvian civilisation. This is from deep Bible scripture and before the time of the great flood that supposedly ended the reign of such supernatural beings – if supernatural they were?

Nephilim giants were a hybrid race fathered by God’s children – fallen angels( Benei Ha’ Elohim or watchers) that came down to Earth and took human women for their wives and had children with them – these offspring were Nephilim (Hybrid - Angels/Humans)

Their domination of Antediluvian civilisation was said to be akin to terror and bullying, according to some religious scholars, though many love to argue the matter as it is a subject as broad as it is long and, just for an added pun; as it is tall.

It is possible that tyrant people (men or warriors) were given big reputations of being bullies or tyrants. A flood would put stop to any society that such people might create. I'm trying to look at people gossiping in ways we today are familiar with. There are no pictures and illiterate people would tell and exaggerate stories of someone powerful (good or bad.) I could well imagine a tribal leader of any society ruling by his might and with bloody retribution upon any that would challenge him. Others would go elsewhere and speak of a colossus bully. They would over inflate such a thing word of mouth. Then generations later, such tribal leaders would have this exaggerated monument to their name. They may have helped to create such a thing by telling the people, they ruled, of a divine right. The ogre's (vicious tribal leader's) father being an angel born of a mortal woman would go down well. A primitive society would want to believe such things. They like the idea of miracles and divine things. When some learned scroll writer decided to put the story to paper, years later, they get the full-blown story with all the divine trimmings and only priests who believed in divine things were taught to read and right.

Please don't think I'm knocking religion. I'm just looking at all angles here. It would be great if such things were true, but photos can be morphed. I know and so do most people in the world today. There is no real evidence - just entertaining ideas. If these pictures were real, scientists would be able to extract DNA and all sorts of things from the bone. It just makes for interesting viewing. If people want to believe something, nothing in the world will convince them otherwise.

If there are such things as Nephilim, we only have stories from religious scriptures written long ago. If we can find dinosaur bones and Neanderthal bones; why not Nephilim? The pictures can only be backed up by DNA scientists, but I suspect they would not be allowed anywhere near such digs.

Read this blog below and see some crazy pictures and more info concerning Nephilim.

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