The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jaguar E-Type: My Dream of Dreams.

As a kid I remember Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) from the British television show: The Avengers. She drove a sports car and I thought it was an E-type. I thought she was made for the car. (Actually she drove a Lotus Elan, but I genuinely thought she had a Jag.) However, as much as I liked the look of her and the fabulous E-type I thought she drove, I wanted there to be a man driving one before I could think it a man’s car too. Then I saw Donald Campbell just before his sad demise in 1967 – he drove an E-type and he was a legend. In my (little boy) mind set; anyone could drive this wonderful car and look good. I think it was a kid’s wim to look good in something fine and graceful.

The E-type Jaguar is the absolute darling of British automobiles and is loved by all. Today, she is the retro British darling that looks sleek, elegant and is coveted by many (especially me) One day… One day…

One day I’ll own one and I will drive from London to Aberdeen just to buy a bag of crisp in a red E-type coupe. (A little dream of mine because Aberdeen crisp are very crunchy)

Er, yeah ok! Well, they would be if you could drive there in a gorgeous blood red E-type coupe.

At the start, the E-type appeared in two designs: the coupe and the convertible. The convertible being an open two seated model. The two versions were later improved upon and modernised, but today, the originals are afforded most veneration.

This baby is something else among British automotive design and nothing else compares in my minds eye. OK the Aston Martin is a real gem among Brit retro cars, but the E-type is within reach of most of us without being too common.

The E-type is a lady that can make you the complete gentleman because she is pure unadulterated natural class – she oozes elegance – she has a glorious radiance. She sits there and says: “Hey look at me!”
One day, I will buy one and I will go to Aberdeen for those crisp…

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