The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Moyra Melons ear ring attention diverters

Moyra Melons called her husband into the on-suite when they were getting ready to go out one night. She was impatient to try on her new ear rings and wanted an honest opinion. 

"How do these look?"

"Well..." began her husband, shaking slightly. "They look absolutely adorable dear."

"I thought a glitzy type of necklace here," she said putting her hands upon the incline of her neck and shoulders as you, the reader, see in the photo above.

"Well perhaps darling..." replied her husband finding it a little difficult to concentrate on tiny ear rings and attempting, woefully, to visualise a glimmering necklace.

"Well I thought it would take one's gaze from these ear rings. I don't want to over emphasize them, so I thought a nice necklace would divert attention from such prominent attractions."

"I don't think a necklace would take attention from such things," replied her husband coming over in a very excited hot flush.

"Really?" replied Moyra Melons, a tad disappointed.

"However, I don't think your ear rings will steal the show completely because there are other things to take into account dear," said her husband. "Allow me to lend this understanding to you my little ear ring charmer."

"Oh please do," requested Moyra Melons enthusiastically.

He closed the on-suite door and from inside; came the sound of a lot of splashing and giggling - jolly frivolity, one might say. The result of which, allowed Moyra Melons to realise that she did not need a necklace to divert attention away from her ear rings.

Obviously, Moyra Melons has a patient and understanding husband who believes in making education a fun thing - would you not agree?

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