The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Walking Dead (Dystopian American TV series)

 I usually shy away from gory films or TV shows. I like horror, but usually the mind messing type things like the Exorcist and other more mind testing stories. When the wave of zombie films and TV shows came along, I also found my interest still being tickled. It was strange because I'm not a blood and gore fan. However, with the type of world created by a zombie apocalypse, I see the sort of dystopian future that I often enjoyed where scattered groups of people crawl out of the terrible dilemma and pit their wits at survival. 

We've had books and TV shows things like; War of the Worlds, The Day of the Triffids, Survivors, Logan's Run etc. There are so many. Therefore, I think the Walking Dead flicks switches along the same thought provoking line too. Except there is a little extra thrown in some where. Then the gore and horror comes secondary. Eventually the 'walking dead people' (zombies) become a backdrop (like constant rain) to the many other problems our survivors have to confront. There are scattered communities that have adapted all sorts of weird and strange ideologies to survive. Anything remotely kind or normal is regarded with extreme suspicion by all. Any weakness among survivors is exploited by others to survive. Kill or be killed. The surviving groups become competitive against each other and resort to barbaric methods to win. There is no room for compassion. 

I've just been watching series number 5 and i have been compelled and transfixed by how good this dystopian TV show is. No one is safe. You warm to the many characters that come and go during the show and know that no one is indestructible. Anyone can die!

Some major characters do and others come into it too. Some started off week and become seasoned survivalists - their characters hardening as the show goes on. It is splendid and I'm looking forward to the last two episodes of season 5. If you have not seen this horror/dystopian saga; your missing out. It is very compelling.  

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