The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

All the flowers in the Fenland Garden.

My wife and I have been gradually getting the garden areas of the house ready. The back garden needs some more work, especially where the garden table is. We hope to start decking it soon. However, the side garden, where we drive in, also needs to have something going on. Therefore, Ive been looking at various pot plants and large flower boxes. We often sit in the side garden because it offers good views of the Fens. I decided that a variety of potted plants upon the stone drive might work. It is only beginning, but I'll gradually add.

There is also two little areas to the front of the house. One is a triangular area where we have put various perennial types to ground and in pots. I'm no gardener, but have suddenly developed a liking for some colour. I've noticed so many different types of wild flowers that sprout up everywhere in the Fenland whilst going about the various abodes, in the hamlets and villages, emptying the bins, I see so many different types of wild flora. These things I've never noticed before. I'm not sure if I'm developing an appreciative eye for this or its because the Fenland are new to me and the wild things are more apparent. 

Just outside the gate and across the road, there are wild Red Hot Pokers growing on the verge. They where there last year, to my delight, and now they are back. I dug one up last year and planted it in the front of my garden by a small rockery with a Curry plant and others flowers. I am thrilled that three Red Hot Pokers have grown in this spot too.

I end up going home, after work, and telling Carole about them and she seems to know all the various things I'm speaking of. We've spent a fair amount of money on plants at the many garden centres that are scattered about the Fens and gradually the garden is beginning to take shape. The front, side, and back. We have to make sure the ducks and chickens stay in their pen or they will devour every plant in sight.

My gradual potted side part of garden. I am to get more.
Last year's Red Hot Pokers growing again in front garden 

Small triangular front part of garden

Side drive of House

Red Hot Pokers

Side part of garden

Side part of garden

Back Garden

The seating part of back needs decking

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