The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

President Jean-Claude Juncker's Coming State of the Union Speech Should be Watched by all Europeans

Soon, President Jean-Claude Juncker will do a State of the Union address. Something all Europeans will need to watch. There is so much going on with the EU at present. I think we have reached a cross roads where a great many of the EU nations are wondering; “Where do we go from here.”

I would assume President Jean-Claude Juncker will have to use parts of his speech on the migration crisis. Because it is a very emotive issue of the moment. It is something, I’m sure, most people don’t envy him on. In fact all European nations are perplexed on how to handle such an imperative undertaking.

I would like to see him speak on a new protocol or mechanism for all EU peoples to be more involved with votes to decide how we get an EU president. This is because I feel that the future presidential candidates should be made more known and not continuously imposed upon Europeans.
President Juncker is head of an exciting project that could be so grand and wonderful, but Europeans need to feel more involved. These things are slowly developing, but we need to see this president of the EU talk on such things, especially electoral reforms where the Brussels big guns are concerned. Better democratic accountability all the way and a two way street so that Brussels can better access the attention of all EU nations. 

I also believe that national disgraced MPs who are forced to resign from their own nation’s political system should not be allowed to re-surface in the EU. I say this because some of our British MPs have vanished from the home political spectrum in disgrace, only to resurface as an EU MP when it is decided the dust has settled. I don’t think this puts the EU in a good light.

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