The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Castle Rising in Norfolk, England

On the way back from our Sunday trip out, Carole and I decided to take a look at a place called Castle Rising. It was a small turn off along the A149 going between Hunstanton and King's Lynn. We had already had a nice day at Wells Next the Sea and Hunstanton. Therefore we decided to throw in a ruined castle visit for a good merger of day visits. We went into the car park and made our way to the tea rooms to buy a ticket and had a wonder about. I sometimes wish the powers that be might consider renovating such buildings to try and give them the old look of what they once were. Still, it was enjoyable walking the narrow corridors and stone spiral staircases. It seemed to retain some of the old world feel. 

The Castle is in the county of Norfolk and was constructed in 1138 by a Norman noble called William d'Aubigny II. He was given the title of Earl of Arundel. In this time the Anglo-Norman would have spoken French and the surrounding lands would be filled with peasant Anglo-Saxons who hated the overlords with a passion. William d'Aubigny II would have needed a strong fortification as did many of the Norman Barons and Earls spread through out the land.   
Almost two hundred years later, In the year 1330, Queen Isabella fell from power. She had been married to King Edward II who was brutally murdered some years prior. Isabella had ruled as regent for her infant son until he came of age. Her son Edward III took her regency powers from her upon coming of age. She was housed in Castle Rising as a prisoner. Sometimes her son, King Edward III would visit. When Isabella died, the castle went to the famous Edward Black Prince.

I wonder how it may have looked in those days. I would love to be able to peep back in time and wonder the corridors as the Normans once did.

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