The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

On Our Way To The Manea Bird Hides In Fenland England.

Carole, Imi and Jessie

Today was very hot but also rather blustery. We have two granddaughters staying with us this week – Jessie and Imi. They were playing around with Carole’s huge dolls house that has all the furniture and so on. Our other granddaughters often like to play with this dolls house and it is a favourite among all of them. We have eighteen grandchildren now.

After a while, Carole and I decided to take Jessie and Imi to the bird hides. We had a collection of binoculars, a couple of telescopes and some food and drink. Also, I took my camera with me. It passed a couple of hours and for a while, the girls enjoyed looking out across the fen from inside the bird hide. We saw a multitude of swifts or swallows, two egrets that appeared to be a courting couple, a cormorant, kestrels, swans and the Marsh Harrier, which seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

There was also an abundance of dragon flies and butterflies too. It passed a couple of hours before we returned home. I managed to get various shots of birds and insects during the little outing.


Crossing the old bridge

Along the pathway

Passed the rickety old cottage

A dragon fly stays still long enough for a click 

Seems to be a lot of thistles

The River Delph

Swifts move so fast it is hard to catch them in the camera

Marsh Harrier makes its cameo appearance

Probably hunting for rodents in the long grass

Patrolling its hunting grounds

A love struck egret has something in mind

Hello - just dropped in

Do you come here often?

Oh not too often.

The Marsh Harrier returns

The Cormorant takes off

On the way back there are more butterflies and thistles

All in all

A nice nature ramble


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