Monday, 12 December 2016

Look at Book Beaver Cover Design

Look at Book Beaver Cover Design

I was looking for a fresh and dynamic cover for my adaptation science fiction story. I looked over many different cover design companies and emailed a few. One of them was Nik of Book Beaver. We had an online chat where I was invited to put forward the type of idea I was looking for. Something with a steampunk, retro, feel. An age of Victorian iron and steel with other things etc.  

All questions were answered and the financial package was great and quickly agreed upon. I got a few examples of what the finished product would look like. I have to say I was impressed from the word go. However, the biggest surprise was to come as the presentation book cover came to completion with all of the most intricate background detail. I found the artist’s impression absolutely mind blowing. It exceeded all of my expectations and I am so proud that the design really catches the eye.

I am due to launch my title in the UK in January. However, I’m allowed to sell in the USA now and was thrilled to see the books sales rise. There is definitely a lot of interest generated by the new cover design already.

I would highly recommend Book Beaver to any author or publication works who are looking for that eye-catching cover. 
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