The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

SJW Star Trek Discovery Ideology is Anti-White Propaganda (Surprise! It's improving.)

I loved the ship and the effects. I was not sure about the new Klingon look, but hey! Star Trek is a form of escapism right. I mean complaining about the Captain and the first officer being beamed over to the Klingon ship to do a highly dangerous mission is stupid. Is it? When there are loads of rank and file crewmen that are more expendable? Well... let's be honest, I'm sure Kirk did it. So did every other Captain on that note. 

The new SJW Federation ideology certainly has messed things up. I feel they have left a bad signature for this TV series. I liked the special effects but I found myself wanting the Klingons to win. I could understand the point of view of not wanting multiculturalism imposed. I felt it was trendy left wing from the start. When the Klingon did break into an English statement, it was to mock what the Federation would say. "We come in peace." I could see how this Klingon thinks that would be sinister. The Red Indians were often told this, but I suppose those populist xenophobes deserved all they got. I hope it improves, but I'll not hold my breath. 

As for the first officer! How did she ever get to such a position with her horrendous attitude? Even physically assorting the Captain and trying to take over the ship. I felt as though the federation were a bunch of clowns messing up a major drinking session at a wild party. 

The Klingons clearly knew what they were doing. I had sympathy for them. I'll watch a few more episodes with the vain hope it improves. Maybe see things from the other point of view because up until now, I understand that this alien race and to some extent, we viewers do not want to be polluted by new SJW Federation ideology. All in all, a very sad start to a much-loved TV series. It looks as though it has been hijacked by the trendy lefty brigade. Sorry but this was nothing short of anti-white propaganda. If you don't like imposed multi-culturalism you are a xenophobic (white person) Klingon.

I stand by what I have said concerning the beginning of the TV series. It was an awful start. However, as the weeks progressed; the characters are becoming more human. Especially Michael! Wow! The person is beginning to lighten up. Some vulnerabilities etc. Some kindness and appreciation of friends. The pilot and the first episode after were very disappointing. As the show progresses I'm suddenly becoming drawn to the plots that are beginning to unfold. Michael's character is a big improvement plus the re-addition of Tyler from the pilot episodes.

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