The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Moyra Melons Captivating Ear Rings

Moyra Melons husband came downstairs into the living room and saw his lovely wife sporting her new ear rings. His darling wife was always full of surprises, especially when posing with new ear rings. She always managed to flick a switch. Strange that - don't you agree.
"Are these subtle dear," asked Moyra turning sideways so that her husband might be able to see her ear rings to maximum effect.

He, of course, coughed slightly and was taken unawares upon entering the room, where his darling wife posed as you, the reader, can see in the photo opposite. Perhaps any man might cough at the captivating sight of such fine ear rings.

He dithered a little before stuttering. "Most elegant Moyra - very alluring darling - very compelling indeed."

"Oh good," she responded. "I was wondering if they might be for the more acquired taste - perhaps take a little time to get used to."

"Perhaps take a little time to notice would be more appropriate Moyra," grinned her husband warming to the sight of such fine ear bling. "There are more things about you then just fine ear rings my little petal."

She smiled back at him enthralled by such kind words. "Really? tell me what else."

"I can show you if you would like Moyra," he smiled enthusiastically.

"Oh please do darling," she replied.

He closed the door and BOY did he show her what he thought of her fine ear rings and other things too. Could you, the reader, be as complimentary as Moyra Melons' husband - would you like to be Moyra's husband?

Her fabulous ear rings are, after all, very enticing - don't you think.   
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