The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Giving You King Canute verses King Edmund II (Ironside) Battle of Ashingdon - forming England of today

Work mate Dave in front of logo in Ashingdon

Where I work in Essex England; I do verge cutting in the district of Rochford and all surrounding areas. One such parish is Ashingdon. It is a small place and unassuming, but it has a distinct claim to fame that not too many English people know of. We parked our work van by the polling station and I noticed a big organised graffiti logo on the wall. It was commemorating the Battle of Ashingdon between the Anglo-Saxon forces of King Edmund II (Sometimes known as Edmund Ironside) and the Danish King Canute and his Viking forces.
King Edmund II lost battle to King Canute
The Danes had ruled two thirds of today's England under Danelaw. Before this, England was comprised of six feudal kingdoms of Saxon, Angle and Jute origins. In the years around 1000 AD to 1016 AD, it was just two kingdoms. King Canute of the Danes ruling the north and Edmund II (Ironside) ruling the south.

There had been a serious of Battles between the Anglo Saxons and the Danes which came to head at the Battle of Ashingdon. The Danes won the battle and the Anglo-Saxon King Edmund II was forced to sign a peace treaty with Canute. When the first monarch died the lands were inherited by the surviving king. Edmund died first and Canute was the first king of all of England we know today. Therefore, England was formed by the Danish King Canute - OUCH.....   :) We were created by Denmark?

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