The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Save the European Union - Is the Dream Dying?

First I want to say that I'm a Brit who believes and would like to see the European Union succeed.

Beyond all things, I want to see Britain along with fellow Europeans getting on well with one another and I believe in fiscal union in the long run. I think it is a great idea and a dream that could have been realised if only it was not steam rolled through. Its like wall papering your room without prepping the walls first - there are lumps, bumps and holes roughly covered over. It begins to get worse as time goes on. 

In the YouTube clip above is Nigel Farage correctly stating the bad things of the European Union, as it stands at this moment in time. His condemnation is correct and much of his analysis, as to why this is happening, is right too. However, his solution that the UK should quit Europe seems wrong to me, though I have to admit, he is gaining support in the UK. I do not want to see the UK leave the European Union. I do believe this would be bad in the long run. I think the EU dream is in tatters, but this terrible mistake can be corrected. I also believe that the southern European nations have got to try and adapt too. It can't all be left to Germany. This is unfair on their part (Greece, Italy, Spain) I think Germany is getting all the blame when she has done things correct. Angela Merkel (Germany's Chancellor) is correct in her austerity talk because the southern Mediterranean countries need to do this if they want help.  

Nigel Farage is so correct, at this moment in time, concerning the failure of the Eurozone, but his solution is wrong, wrong, wrong concerning the UK quitting Europe. We Brits cannot be like this and much of what is happening in southern European countries is the fault of these nations - they got themselves into this. It is not fair on the voting population of Greece, Italy, and Spain, but their politicians and economists did not do the ground work properly when joining the Eurozone. They can't blame Germany either, because she did do her groundwork properly concerning her own nation's ability. Germany's only fault was to naively believe the southern nations were telling the truth. Now the strongest economy in the EU is damned if she helps and damned if she doesn't.

This steamrollering through of the Euro currency is like taking two steps forward and now we seem to need to take three steps back. The EU must not fail and all nations of the EU must do their best to rectify the situation. The southern European nations have got to take some bitter medicine and so to, must the EU Parliament where unelected statesman are concerned.

The EU Parliament is just fuelling the crisis more and destroying their own dreams of the United Europe with unelected presidents and economists leading over 500 million people who never voted for them. These people allowed the southern Mediterranean countries to borrow huge sums of money with very low German interest rates. This is not Germany's fault, its the economists who lent the money in the first place. For Christ sake listen and go for a federal system where all Europeans have a voice. Try and do this properly without steam rolling through plans because we Europeans are being denied a dream of Union. I don't want Nigel Farage and his ideas of the UK outside Europe. As clever as he is at criticising the EU - as right as he is concerning condemnation of unelected EU politicians; his solutions are not right in the long run.

An Irish entrepreneur summed it up when he spoke of all his wealth vanishing due to the Eurozone crisis. It is like putting a small non-league football team in the same league as Bayern Munich. They are not good enough to compete with such teams on such a level yet!

Its not the good teams fault, its the bad teams for trying to gamble in the first place. We all know the mistake now and as Europeans we have all got to try and sought this out. The UK as stood back on the side lines to watch this and were right to stay out of the Eurozone, but we Brits can't be smug - our much prized banks lent much of the money to these nations, so we have a responsibility here too. Stop bashing the Germans all the time, because at the end of the day; they got something right and the rest got it wrong. Also when this currency mess is sorted out; the UK will have to get into the pool with the rest of Europe one day, including the adoption of the Euro. It might seem a long way off but we might need to one day. Don't let the dream die - the EU must pull through.

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