The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Germany Euro 2012 Team Look Awesome

I sat down and watched the Germans play last night, and for a long period, in the first half ,the Greeks seemed to be holding them off in a haphazard sort of way. Plus; when the Germans did get opportunities; they were squandered. I dared to think, 'perhaps Germany might drop the ball,' and Greece would pull off another one of its team's remarkable abilities to frustrate sides that are superior to them. I don't mean this disrespectfully to the Greeks, but they are a good side that can often achieve results like this. It has enabled them to punch above their weight and in 2004, they won the competition doing this - total respect and it has worked for them in the past. It could have meant a big gun dropping out cheaply and any other nation fancying their chances for such a prestigious trophy. 

Germany did get a goal in the first half and to be fair, they deserved it. Then in the second half the Greeks needed to chase the game and for a short time they did. They scored and made it one - one. I could barely contain my excitement for I thought Greece was going to do it again and perhaps the Germans would become unsettled. No way!

Germany's response was devastating and awesome. The great German team machine clicked into gear and responded. Credit to Greece, they tried and made a game of it too, but Germany was far too strong and they won by four goals to two - five of the match's goals were scored in the second half. Greece were eventually four - one down but got a consolation goal at the end from the penalty spot to go out of the Euro 2012 competition 4-2. 

Germany's goals were excellent as her players really began to show what they are made of. Any team watching this side will be awe struck by what the Germans can do. However, there are so many good sides in this competition.

One Sunday 24th of June, England and Italy must compete to play the awesome Germany side in the semi-finals. I obviously would like to see England overcome Italy, but the Italians are a great side too. Of the sides left Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and England. I think England might be the least favourite of these great teams at the moment, but on a given day; they could have the capability.

If I had to lay odds or gamble; I would go for a Spain v Germany final.

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