The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Richard Branson's Breath of Fresh Air Concerning UK in EU

It is very encouraging for fellow Brits to voice sensible arguments for the UK to try and help reform the EU from within. Richard Branson's blog was very well worded and simple in its good reasons for staying in the heart of the EU and fighting to change the present way Brussels and Strasbourg work. We (Brits) should not run away from this. All euro sceptics correctly point out a great many things wrong with the EU, but using a UK exit policy of the EU is very wrong indeed. 

Everything that Richard Branson states in his blog are sound reasons why. Mainly the future - the EU will sort this mess out and the coming years will look very promising if we stick together. I hope and pray that more substantial people of influence will make their voices heard for the United Kingdom to become more deeply involved with the EU.

I believe that other fellow Europeans in all other states would want to change and restructure some of the EU's bureaucracy, but the other states don't use running away from the problem as a solution. It is no good voicing correct points about a faulty apparatus and then running away from it. Get in there (all the people of substance from across Europe) and change it - make it more effective and seen to be so. We need more high profile Brits like Richard Branson delivering short, sweet sharp to the point messages like the blog he wrote below. 

Branson warns against British EU exit

A British exit from the European Union would be 'very bad' for British business and for the economy, said Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson.

Writing in his New Year blog, the founder of the Virgin Group said global business relies on large trading agreements created by regions, not by countries.

"The EU is the UK's biggest trading partner. Its combined market dwarfs the US and China. For that reason alone, the UK must stay in to help rebuild the EU," he wrote.

"Obviously Europe has had difficulties, but so has America and most other countries in the world. The tough medicine that countries like Ireland, Spain and Portugal have given themselves will result in Europe being in far better shape than America in a few years' time."

Looking ahead, he said Britain must be at the centre to help the EU forge new partnerships with the emerging markets of Latin America and Asia - and to renew and extend our relationships with the US and Canada.

"Those powerful economies want to trade with a market of 500 million people and not the UK's 60 million," said Branson.

"The UK must not become a peripheral country on the edge of Europe. This will be damaging to long-term prospects of British business and also in the country's ability to attract new international companies to set up and employ people in the country."

He urged the British government to get together with Germany to restructure Europe. "We are in a position where if we take a positive approach, Germany and ourselves could be the key two countries to the restructure of Europe.

"Unless we do all this, Britain could be an island completely adrift in 20 years."

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