The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moyra Melons' 'My God' Ear Rings.

When Moyra Melons met her husband on a summer night. She wondered about her rather large earrings. She thought they went well with her rather exquisite white crop top, but had a nagging feeling that they might have been a little too big and showing against the delicately cut white crop top. When her husband showed up he was pleasantly surprised too.

"My word," he said smiling. "When you said they were big and dangly; you were not kidding about darling."

"No," she replied coyly. "I feel a little self-conscious with them bouncing about. People might think I'm showing off." Moya's retro British modesty always come to the fore when she spoke of her earrings.

"Oh, mere trifles," replied her delighted husband. "Let them know you have big earrings and are not ashamed of them."

"I feel as though everyone is looking at me," she added needing reassurance.

"That's because they are darling. I saw you coming around the corner twenty seconds beforehand."

She looked perplexed. "How?"

"Well let's go home and I'll explain why" he replied with a nervous twitch in his eye. He was coming over in a hot flush again.

"Oh dear," replied Moyra. "Let us get you home where you can calm down and explain."

She managed to get her excitable husband home, but he did not calm down and she did get a vague inkling of what he meant by seeing her twenty seconds before she came around the corner. Moyra could not work out what it had to do with large bouncy earrings.

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