The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Mars and the Hellas Basin Theory Jumps the Gun

Scientists and Theorists will not give up on the Martian question. Many cling to the notion that Mars might be a dead planet that once sustained life. Gradually, ideas are eliminated only to be replaced by new ones. The optimism that Mars once sustained life remains. Many explorations and experiments are waiting to be conducted. Unmanned space craft have been sent and more will follow to scratch the surface and find evidence that might support the notion that our Red Planet once harboured, carbon based, organic cells. We have the robot jeep Discovery project carrying out surface tests and soon ExoMars will launch two missions. One via satellite and another robotic jeep like the Discovery will land on the surface. This will be done by the ESA (European Space Agency) with help and support from the Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)

Observersof the Red Planet are continuously puzzled by many of the rock formations. Geologists often question the possibility that once water might have been there. Why did it all end if the planet was once on the journey to evolve carbon based life forms? 

Perhaps a violent ecological disaster might be the reason for the sterile landscape that teases the observers. Some theorists have tried to peddle the idea that Mars was hit by a huge asteroid over a thousand miles in width and this created the Hellas Basin. Before the planet could recover more asteroids hit the surface denying Mars any chance of the healing process being able to kick in. Somehow, the magnetic field stopped working and water could no longer be contained and left the planet. This all sounds far-fetched and fanciful. Many scientists understandably laugh at the notion.

If Mars did once have life, the reason for it becoming extinct would be a new undertaking of discovery. Then new ideas will need to be looked at, but wild speculation like the Hellas Basin concept is often like running before we can learn to walk and looked down upon by most geologists. After all, we are not sure still, if Mars has ever had life in the first place. Inventing ideas as to why it is no longer present, is jumping the gun. 
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