The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

British Tank - Challenger II

The UK's main battle tank is the Challenger II. It has been modernised with newer technology from the Challenger I. These improvements are in firepower, crew protection and mobility, which equips the tank better for various terrains and climates of modern day warfare. This tank ranks high among various good world designs.
The British Challenger has been proved in combat conditions and proved well in combat conditions, although the quality of the enemy opposition could be questioned. However, the Challenger performance in the harsh desert environment did exceed 90% which is bordering outstanding. The accuracy of the tank's heavy firepower was devastating to the enemy and proved the Challengers worth in battle. These tanks destroyed around 300 enemy tanks without loss.
The Challenger II was revised from the Challenger I because in competitions the British tank had not performed well up against other nation's advanced tanks. The British pulled out of the competitions and began to focus upon modernising the tank for better performances. This is generally agreed to have been a great step forward for the Challenger tank with many arguing that the tank is better equipped for battle conditions as opposed to what competition might show.
Although no Challenger tank has been lost in combat yet, two have been hit by insurgent attacks with RPG's. One British soldier inside a Challenger was injured. His foot was blown off when the armoured shielding was pierced. The fact that the vehicles were not destroyed is testament to the durability of the tank still, yet it did cause some ripples of decent, which seems strange. The tank did resist attacks by RPG and these are sophisticated weapons designed to destroys tanks. 

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