The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

US Helicopter Gunners in Vietnam War

This documentary, about Huey Helicopter Gunners is rather special because of the commentary and the way it is presented. We might laugh at it today with the benefit of hindsight, but despite the terror of the Vietnam war and horrors it brought into our living rooms via tv, I strongly believe it was a war that the USA could not afford to ignore. This is a bit rich coming from a Brit, I know. I don't think she (USA) had a choice and the other minor western nations, that enjoyed democracy under the cloak of US protection, also had no choice but to support this action. It proved to be a loss in the long run, but it did exhaust communist ambitions in other areas. I think there was an inadvertent success of the domino theory, though the Vietnam war/battle became a strategic withdrawal/loss.
The USA had to undertake a war with restrictions because of what happened in Korea. I do believe that there were long term benefits for the democratic west in the long run because of this, while the USA picked up the tab of recrimination. This, of course, might appear callous. It does not take into account the innocent Vietnamese that were killed in the crossfire. However, they were being brutally killed by both sides. The USA paid the price with international and unfair vilification from many nations that were free because of US power and presence, and so did the Vietnamese with the hard won unification.
This above film is very good from an historical point of view because of the way it is presented. Imagine if we could listen to the presentation of Romans or Crusaders with their firm convictions. I think this is a great documentary.
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