The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Wild Red Hot Pokers and Morning in the Fens

Wild Red Hot Pokers

Sasha, our puppy German Shepard started winning at 05.30 this morning. She only does this when she is getting desperate to pee. I got up grumpily and let her out. She ran into the garden and quickly did her business, but any chance of going back to bed was a big no no...

The ducks and the chickens started quaking and clucking from their relevant pens and so we had to let them out. Carole had got up to by now. We both sat in the garden in our dressing gowns as the two cats put in an appearance for their morning feeds. By 06.00 we were showered and ready to take Sasha for an early morning walk along the nature reserve.

I took my camera in the hope of getting a bird of prey in the lens. I had missed a barn owl earlier in the week flying across the lane with something in its talons. As we made our way to Rings End nature reserve, Carole spotted some very elusive Monk Jack Deer. These creatures are extremely shy and usually come out at night. They hide in the fields and hedgerows during the day and it is extremely rare to catch them. They were at some distance and I put the lens on auto to tack rapid shots. I managed to salvage some but as one can see they were rather distant. They are rather small, like the size of a Labrador dog.

We walked along the nature reserve with Sasha, who seemed to be alive to the various smells that were about. A dog has smell senses that are a thousand times more enhanced then humans. The young pup was being bombarded with information that we could hardly perceive. She seemed very interested in all that was going on. It was a smashing morning, but I did not see any birds of prey. Never mind.

Hidden places in the reserve

The Fen in the morning

Carole and Sasha


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