The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Are You a War of the Worlds Fan?

Are You a War of the Worlds Fan?

I've always had strong interest in War of the Worlds. This was from a time when I watched the American 1950s adaptation as a kid. I thought it was very tense and rather scary at the time. I was very impressionable as a youngster. I remember talking with my class mates about it and asking our school teacher Mister Richards about the story. He told me he had read the book and the original story was set in England where we all lived and during Victorian times. I was pleasantly surprised and rather pleased to know it was a British Sci-Fi story.

Later, I read the book and then a few years later still, Jeff Wayne did his marvellous musical about the story too. I lived in Essex and often went to the town of Maldon where an event from the War of the Worlds took place. It was the battle upon the River Blackwater between HMS Thunder Child and the three Martian Tripods.

Projects and whims.

I had also been going to a writing class in Leigh-on-Sea where our tutor set some homework for us. One was to try and write a small piece from a written work from a different perspective. Just about 1,200 words. I chose to be on HMS Thunder Child as the ship was sinking amid the black smoke. The battle was over and the Boy Seaman has to get off of the doomed wreck. It was well received and most there liked the little rendition. I went home pleased with myself and started to imagine the days leading up to the event. I began to write as the idea developed, knowing what the endgame was. I had the outcome and I was inventing a story leading to the dramatic event. It was a wonderfully consuming writing project that increased with interest as the idea developed.

In August 2016 you can download the pastiche story of H.M.S. Thunder Child from H.G. Wells' original War of the Worlds on Kindle anywhere in the EU. It is already on sale in the USA. The Last Days of Thunder Child allows the reader to see the unfolding events from the crew's perspective. 

It is the age of Queen Victoria and the British Empire. The super power nation has it all. But then the whole world is rocked by an alternative history/scifi adventure.

In USA, this adaptation is available in paperback and Kindle.


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