The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Giving You Overload - UK- X-Factor 2014 London (My day trip to watch my son, Ryan, at the X-Factor show)

Watching My son Ryan on the X-Factor.
He is in Overload with pals Joey, Jordie, Ollie and Andy.

I went to the Wembley Arena to see my son Ryan and a boy band he is in. He and his friends, Joey, Ollie, Jordie, and Andy were doing an audition for X-factor. Their band is called Overload

It was great watching so many various hopefuls through out the day's grand event. Every act was getting ready to do their thing with relatives and friends in support back stage. The whole place was a hive of activity.

By the late evening Overload were called on stage. We all gathered around the big screen to watch Overload as they went out onto the stage and stood before the 4,000 plus audience and the judges; Simon, Cheryl, Mel and Louis. It was rather nerve racking because we did see a few acts go out. Some of it had been a little heartbreaking. You see family and friends supporting those who got mauled by the judges.

As we watched on the big t.v. screen with Dermot O'Leary facing us, we all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Overload walked out on the stage. We watched them disappear up the stairs and the audience erupted into cheers as the boys came up on the t.v. screen. It was quite euphoric because there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for the lads.

The judges, especially Mel and Cheryl, were asking loads of questions and Simon kept saying, "Can we hear the song please?"

However, Mel and Cheryl kept asking more varied questions to light heartedly wind Simon up. Eventually the boys kicked off with their own song called; No, No, No. They sounded excellent and the audience loved them. Cheering and clapping and some even dancing.

Simon stopped the song just before it ended and asked them to sing something else. This they did and to good reception from the judges. They got four yes votes and came off the stage delighted while all us parents, siblings and friends jumped for joy and hugged them.

It was a great day out and Overload getting their four yes votes was the cherry on the cake. Wonderful event and a fabulous memory for all. Go, go, go Overload!


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