The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

De-extinction of Mammoths Through DNA

The vast areas of Siberia could become home to herds of roaming mammoths again. There have been frozen corpses of such animals found in the icey tundras. Enough DNA has been extrated from the deceased mommoths to recreate the extinct animal. The growing foetas would need an artifical womb or a host carrier from a related species. An elephant may do. There are a few things to sort out concerning the incubation and the patching together of other scientific needs, but scientists remain adament that mamooths will be able to live upon the planet once again.

It would make a spectacular sight to see the great mamooth herds roaming the vast areas of the planet again. There are so many different species of extinct animal that science is on the brink of bringing back to life. It makes for mouth watering excitement as all of this, that was once within the realms of our imagination, is almost within the realms of reality. We are but a whisker of seeing some marvolous creatures resurected into the world again.

Such species include sabre toothed cats and giant eagles, even the Doe, doe bird. Also the huge terror birds that lived in the Americas thousands of years ago. Obviously such creatures would need to live in a guarded enviroment, especially mamooths that would require vast areas to roam in. Siberia could be of great use to such animals as it is one of the most sparcley populated areas of the world and with icey conditions that mamooths would prefere. Such an abode would make for a perfect sanctuary. 

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