The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

World War II - German Tiger Tank

Today, my wife and I visited her brother's house. He had a fascinating collection of various World War II tanks from all the various allied armies. But most of all, his fixation was with the German Tiger tank in many different theatres of battle and the various upgrades and designs. These models were in cabinets and other display cases and were very well presented.

I was compelled and mesmerised by the detail of his tanks and some were on a large scale. These finished models must be worth a fortune, but also. I think they would make dynamic museum pieces at a modelling exhibition. I took pictures on my mobile phone of some of his tank constructions. I'm sure most would agree that a lot of time and great effort has been put into making these grand model tanks of various scales. The large Tiger tank (in first picture next to smaller scale Tiger tank) is made of plastic. 

However the pictures at the bottom are another larger scale Tiger tank made of metal. It took over 250 track links for one side. A total of over 400 track links for this beast of a model. It is all constructed of metal and it took nine months to complete. There is some momentous dedication there. It wieghs 14 pounds.

Ian's (brother-in-law) knowledge on the subject of Tiger Tanks is very extensive and he seems to know a great deal about the various commanders and individual soldiers that manned these moving iron fortresses. 

Another large scale tank made of plastic
The beast made from metal.

over 400 pins hold all of the tracks together

It took 9 months to build

with internal detail.

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