The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Harriet Harman - A Long Road for the Labour Party - No More Champagne Socialists

I watched Harriet Harman on a political show this morning. I sat back with the usual lacklustre sigh, thinking same old same old, but was surprised by her new and more realistic approach to Labour's general election humiliation. She seems to have got the message clearly from the disgruntled electorate after a second election loss. 

I did not think Labour had much to offer during the election and neither did many people across the UK. It was all gift wrapped promises with no accountability of how such things would be paid. I suspect Labour were telling people what they thought their voters might like to hear as opposed to what the electorate perceive to be right. Almost like Roman senators buying the mob. It does not work in this day and age. The plebiscite have many avenues of interest now days. The voters took a hard look at things. We can't always get what we want, so we reluctantly take what we need. In this instance; a bunch of grim, yet sober, hard arses as opposed to an array of middle class champagne socialists offering grand entitlements.

It was not so much that we (the electorate) disliked Labour's policies; we were realistic enough to know we could not afford them and as much as many disliked the 'voted in' Tory government; their tough austerity medicine was sadly logical. They promised nothing but hard toil and welfare scrutiny upon a new level and the electorate reluctantly accepted it, knowing that we can not continue with more and more welfare cushioning policies. The nation is too full of entitlement. To the extent that it is being abused and we can't afford to maintain the many generous and national entitlements upon such scale.

I was shocked to see Harriet Harman wiping the slate clean and accepting that the recent Tory budget of carving up welfare handouts was right. She admitted while travelling the length and breath of the country; Labour had got it wrong on the uncontrollable working tax credits and family allowances etc. She realised that many working people are frustrated at paying tax for continuous welfare claimants who keep having children that are kept by the state. People that can't afford to go to work because welfare benefit pays more than most types of employment. How on earth did we get into such a predicament.

Many might think my rant is unethical. People should be allowed to have children. It is their God given right. However, it is not their right to expect other people to pay for the up bringing with state benefit hand outs. Finally Harriet Harman knows that reluctantly, many of Labour's voters have deserted them because of these things. With socialism, we will run out of other people's money to borrow. The well intentioned things that they want can't be sustained. Words that many know have been said before. Sadly we can see the reality of these things where Greece is concerned.

As a nation we must gradually down grade these hand outs so that more people will become less reliant on the state. Left wing voters are right that people need a decent wage in the first place, but welfare benefit does encourage a sense of apathy among many of our unemployed. I know because I was there too. Welfare benefits can become a way of life and I have witnessed people who get more money then me that don't work. I go to work and pay tax. Even dropping benefits to £20,000 per year is mind boggling to me.  

I don't earn £20,000 a year. I wish I did. I don't even earn £15,000 per year. I'm a dustman and feel under paid. Being on welfare will not improve this. It becomes demoralising and soul destroying. Everything is negative. We, as a nation, need to get out of borrowing and must live within our means. At the moment, we must sadly use the Tories until we can get upon a level playing field. Then when the other parties can offer a better circumstance (not a costly one) then come to the electorate again.

For now? Better the Devil we know...

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