The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 1 January 2016

I Have a Thing for Cats

I get up of a morning for work and my cat is always waiting outside the bedroom door for me. I groan and talk to him as though he is human and can understand every word I'm saying. I'm usually nagging him because I want to have a chance to unwind.

I groan. "For God's sake Bob. Give me a chance." 

I open the door knowing he wants to go out for a minuet or two. As I come out of the bathroom he is scrapping the door with his paw to come back in. I do so, because he will not stop if I don't. 

In he comes, meowing and I must feed him first before I can do anything else, or he will keep meowing at me. Its best to sort Bob out first and then he'll buzz off and lay down somewhere.

All said and done, I would really miss Bob if he was gone. There is just something about cats that I love. They'll hang around for food and the odd bit of affection now and then - as kittens especially. As the kitten grows older into a cat, the animal will become adjusted and resolute to the way of the household and fit in as and when. If it does not work, they'll just up and leave. No qualms as they are rather fickle creatures.

You have to be dependable to the cat and they'll come and go on a routine basis that works for both, I find. They are very independant but also need to know that you have these dependable qualities that they recognise too.
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