The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Friday, 15 January 2016

I Like My Job

When I get up of a morning, I actually look forward to going into work. I'm always out doors and I work in mainly rural areas. The Fenland has a few big towns, but mostly countryside. To get from one town to another, a person must drive across miles and miles of open farm fenland. 

As a kid, living in London, the streets and towns never ended. One went from one district into another. Since moving to the rural fenland, my whole life has changed. I'm middle aged and own my lovely house and just needed any old job to make a few quid each month. 

I took a chance and moved here and hoped for the best. I went to am employment agency and two weeks later was phoned to start work at Fenland District Council. The work's yard was walking distance from my house. I could hardly believe my luck. In all the Fenland the work's yard was 10 minuets from home.

I went out with the garbage lorries and emptied bins from all over the Fens. The towns, the farms the villages - every where.

My work crew are great and we all get on well while plodding about all day emptying wheelie bins with selected waste. The whole environment is calm when I look out across the fields and farms. It feels like I'm a million miles away from the old woes and worries of my former life.

I'm enjoying my fifties and all I seem to do is plod along with great work mates and a job I love. Its incredible because being a bin loader on garbage trucks is something most people would not want. I love it. We are out with our own little crew with no one breathing down our necks. We are left do our round and we get on with it.

In summer its wonderful and there are countless things to see. In the winter we see the sun rise and it all makes for a serene sight.

I was just over 16 stone when I came here. I was over weight to say the least. I walk around 12 miles a day. Now my weight is under 14 stone and I'm much fitter. I was surprised to know that there are still a few bin loaders older than me and some around my age too. As a job for seeing out my working life, I could not want one better. 

I have time to come home and do the things I want and am able to get exercise each day doing my job. At the moment it is cold because the winter is beginning to show up. But still, I like working outdoors in the Fen. Even in winter.

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