The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Pulp Reading and Retro Science Fiction Covers

I have read a very wide range of books on many topics and genres. My most prolific time of reading was when I first left school. I read some classical things and lots of historical documentary books too. I was also into all sorts of pulp science fiction and fantasy. I would always have my nose in a book while travelling to and from London each morning, where I worked in the reinsurance companies and later the Royal Mail.

These were grand times and I read many books that inspired me. I wanted to write stories of my own. I knew I was no literary genius but I had the belief that I could at least do something along the pulp line. I enjoyed some pulp stories. Especially science fiction. I was so often sucked in by the elaborate cover designs and on more than one occasion, I would read the novel and wonder how on Earth the front cover depicted the actual story.

Sometimes the novels were a total let down. On other occasions, the novel and front cover had nothing in common, but the read was still good. There were all sorts of variables and I was honestly inspired by some of the authors who I did not regard too highly. I thought to myself, “If they can do it writing this sort of thing; surely I could do such things too.”

There was also the very good writers who I know I could never get near, but still, I was encouraged by thinking, “I wish I could do this sort of thing.”

Good or bad writers in one’s personal opinion have things to offer. I once read someone who gave a bad review score for a book. He said, “There are no bad writers, just fussy readers.” I thought this was a fair comment. I’ve read some novels I thought were unentertaining, but they were written well. I’ve had some that were not written too well (In my humble opinion.) but they still managed to flick a switch.  

Cover designs of science fiction books always grabbed me, but I quickly learnt not to judge a book by its cover. Even with this in mind; I still enjoyed walking around the science fiction section and looking at book covers. This was another form of art I enjoyed. I have no desire to do such art myself because it is beyond my ability or desire to learn. I cannot and would not want to do this sort of thing. When faced with this type of thing, I like to be the dazzled spectator. It’s a bit like good music or the type of music I enjoy. I have no musical ability but love to listen to musicians who make great sounds. Some modern and some old style in all types of musical genres.

It is the same with book cover retro science fiction designs. I love to look at them. One can even see the change in style over the decades as futuristic and science fiction design as advanced and changed so much.

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