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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

HMS Thunder Child Charging the Martian Fighting Machines.

HMS Thunder Child Charging the Martian Fighting Machines.

I found this wonderful artistic image of HMS Thunder Child engaging the dreaded Martian tripods. It is the fabulous creation of an artist named Rado Javor and I think it is absolutely breathtaking.

I always find it so interesting to get other people's vision of the Battle of the Blackwater from H.G. Wells imaginary story of War of the Worlds. I always wanted to know why Thunder Child engaged the three alien fighting machine - the dreaded tripods that roamed Britain and the rest of the world to destroy mankind.

I wondered about HMS Thunder Child's story so much that I decided to invent a pastiche story concerning the ironclad. Every time I see a wonderful image like this one by Rado Javor, I wonder some more.

What awe inspiring stuff and what a glorious piece of art from a retro Victorian science fiction adventure.  

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