The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Today's Boer People.

The Boers of South Africa remain colonists because they would not adapt and change with the world. I know this sounds rich coming from a Brit who's nation once went around trying to conquer it. However, the world constantly changes and we might not always like it, but if we allow ourselves to become too over specialized as the Boers have done; how can people adapt to new situations. Nothing lasts forever and the idea of carving out a huge chunk of land, in this day and age, for white farmers in South Africa is  totally unrealistic.

The man above (Eugene Terra Blanche) was a very proud and racist man, trying to drag his past world along into today. He had a following of Boer people who, even today, will not wake up to the terrible reality about them - much of it created by themselves. No matter how much the Boer people carry on ranting about injustice; no one will sympathise with them because of leaders like this and what he preached until he was viciously killed.

South Africa is a country that could have it all, but it is riddled with separate peoples, all trying to rob one another, and the white Boer is among them. They just can't see it. If Boer people can't change and persist in wanting a separate land; they risk being driven from South Africa. They can't adapt, they don't want to and they think it is beneath them. Wether the Boer is right or wrong; he does not have the ability to get what he wants now. It is the cold, stark truth.   

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