The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dilemma for British Government (London Protest 250,000 + people on 26th March 2011)

I think the British government, (the coalition of Conservative and Liberal Democrats) are in a very difficult position. Large Banking industries have caused a terrible dilemma in many nations around the world and in Britain, where the banking industry is very big; the consequences are very bitter for every day working people.

The previous government had to bail out the banks with tax payers money. This was necessary because these money industries could not be allowed to fall. A new political programme has been worked out by the new government to get rid of the debt Britain is now in. There are national spending cuts across the country and once again, everyday folk must pay for it. What the government is doing is basically right and even opposition parties generally agree that these things can't go on. However, the reality is; our government has to walk a tightrope. To keep big industry in the country the government must give them tax concessions. Many of these corporations are the industries that caused the mayhem in the first place. If the government does not do this; the money industry will go abroad. It is these big money corporations that hold us all to ransom including our hard pressed government. No matter what party is in power, they will all be up against this situation.

The every day folk of our nation are told by our government that we are all in this together. As the government spending and pension schemes are cut and watered down, every day people have realised we are not all in this together! The failed banking industries and other money making industries enjoy tax concessions and bonus pay outs beyond the every day person's imagination. These industries are holding us to ransom and all nation's governments must try to unite to stop these conditions.

Our tax system is too complex and there are so many loop holes that clever accountants use for these corporations too. All this further antagonises the declining situation. We need to see a fairer system and be confident that we are all in this together because right now, it does not feel like it to most working people.

Yesterday, 26 March 2011, over a quarter of a million people marched to London in protest. The hard pressed government is running out of options. Their politics on this huge matter is being questioned more vigorously by a multitude who no longer care or see what the big money industries might do.

If the government does not try to tweak things on a more noticeable scale, I think it might fall. Many of the protesters have no choice but to think about industrial action. This would be terrible, but on the other hand, there must be a way of making the taxing and spending cuts fairer.

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