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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Moyra Melons unsubtle ear rings look

"What do you think of these?" demanded Moyra Melons - searching for an opinion from her husband, concerning her latest ear rings.

"Erm - very nice dear," he tutted.

They are exquisite and subtle aren't they?"

"Subtle?" He exclaimed, raising an eyebrow.

Moyra turned to him and replied. "Yes - subtle is what I want this pair to be. Don't you agree with me?" 

Her husband came over in a hot flush and began to stutter. "I can hardly say subtle, though they are exquisite."

Moyra pulled a mock sad face. "I want subtle and exquisite - just exquisite is not good enough."

"Well my dear," began her husband who was finding it difficult to contain himself. "Allow me to explain." 

The door closed and after a time - a rather long time, Moyra Melons emerged with a wind swept and rather gratified look. Also she had decided to settle for just exquisite without subtle playing any part in her new ear rings look.

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