The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Nigel Farage - I want UK to remain in the EU. EU, for God's sake listen! - a frustrated 'little englander.'

Before I continue; I'm trying (desperately) to reach out to my fellow Europeans and scream at you. I live on an island that you all know as Great Britain - UK (And sometimes ignorantly as 'little englander'.) We are; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and a huge population, compered to the others, as England.

Most of us don't know much about the EU or care of the belief in the Union of Europe and probably don't give a hoot, except when tabloid British newspapers print stories of Brussels telling us what shape bananas must be. To mainland Europeans; this must seem pathetic; as it is. They laugh at 'little Englanders' getting upset. However, when something does go wrong;  it is just 'little englanders' doing the usual...

In the meantime, Europe has closed its eyes to the; 'not so pathetic UK press.' and its appropriate shaped Banana anti-European campaign. Our British tabloids are keeping the British electorate on the boil all the time. Now something has gone wrong and the EU has played right into the hands of the British anti-Europeans. I know the British might be saying; 'They tried it with the stupidity of the shape of bananas.' and the rest of Europe might be saying; 'They got vexed over the stupidity and the tabloid interpretation of bananas.' But this is getting very serious indeed. We are talking of the Euro currency and European stability. Believe it or not; Brits want Europe to succeed.

A British people that sits there thinking; 'Who is Europe to tell us what shape our bananas must be?" are understandably more concerned with trivialities then real issues. The British tabloid can indoctrinate large voting potential of its readers with such pathetic trivialities, but when real issues come along; I honestly think Europe is in a state of absolute apathy with 'little englander syndrome.'

The British tabloids are anti European - it has become so institutionalised in the UK because that sells in the UK. Now Referendum is selling in the UK! For Christ's sake! Try and sort this out! The UK is not going to give in on London banking. They will happily be kicked out of Europe rather then loose this - they will vote to do so and if push comes to shove, I think most of the UK would reluctantly agree with them. We will not risk this money making industry of London to give Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy a short term fix. Its like telling a heroin addict; one more fix and its over - its not! (Here have my last last 10 Euros, but after that no more.) The addict comes back and you are skint as well.

This gives anti- British Euro MPs,  like Nigel Farage, headway. This is a man that can sit on his backside and enjoy the audience of television Europe. Being an armchair critic is very easy and this very intelligent man knows that. He is milking everything for what it is worth. He comes out with statements like- 'Who is van Rompuy.' - who the Hell is he? I don't remember seeing him in the voting campaign - he is the president of Europe. I honestly don't remember getting a vote. No one knocked at my door asking for it. I did get Nigel Farage's UKIP knocking. I don't want to vote for them, but these anti-Euro people are the only ones campaigning. Sadly, they are right on certain issues. You can't have unelected people telling 500 million plus what to do. This anti-European, (Nigel Farage) who I don't support, is the only guy talking language and offering me a vote. What does Europe expect from 'little englanders' that gives the second biggest contribution to the EU. Look at France! She gets a bigger percentage back against her contribution. France is NOT the second biggest contributor. Why do we remain 'little englanders?'

Nigel Farage can make European politicians look pathetic while top Europeans and perhaps; well meaning people,  sit there, listen and smile at the rhetoric of this 'little englander' man. Everyone knows him and no one knows who the Hell the Euro president is. On Youtube; even the Yanks know him, but they don't know who our unelected Euro President is.

Nigel Farage lets people know who he is, but the European President does not. Nigel Farage has a big mouth and people listen to him. Even those, like me, who do not give a dead rat's backside for what he actually wants. He loves it when he tells the truth about not knowing who Van Rompuy is? - Mr Barroso - who the heck is he. I only knew him when he was dumped on me. No disrespect intended; but I'm British pro-European and these heads of European state have appeared from nowhere - I never had an opportunity to vote? I have one crazy anti- Euro Brit screaming out for the UK and this man got voted in on 19%n of the vote. That must say something of how seriously Brits take Europe and how seriously Europeans take 'little englanders.'

David Cameron used a veto rightly, in my view as a pro-European, and he has got French anti- British sentiment stoking the fire, plus German anger. It was the Germans and French that were totally intransigent on the issue of London banking. What the hell do they expect when trying to give a money lending addict another fix?

Europe has put the second biggest contributor out in the cold - I exclude France in second place because; if you give 1,000 billion into a pot and want 900 billion back you only contribute100 billion. Do the maths and compare that to the UK's contribution to what she gets back. Europe knows this and despite all the posturing; the UK can get by without the EU, even though I would prefer UK to be in the EU. We have an unelected president and other unelected officials telling us to do as they say. These people are not fit for purpose. We Europeans need campaigners through out the Union. 

Europe is allowing unelected people to be seen as unelected preachers to Europe's problems. Germany, being the paymaster because she is a successful nation, is pulling the strings because she has no choice, and silly puppets to speak on her behalf. I do not think Germany wants this, but she is in a catch 22 situation. Everything is moving too fast and being steamrollered through. Greece does not have the time and she can't be baled out with expectations of paying the money back - its all toffee because the everyday citizens of Greece cop the bill - a debt they can't afford.

The British Prime Minister is now in a catch 22 situation, or more like; 'be careful what you wish or it might come true.' He is on a surf board, riding a tidal wave as a champion of anti-European sentiment and he does not want to be there. He wants to be on the pro European wave but Germany and France kicked him off of that surf board. Why? Because he wanted to safe guard the London banking institution. Like it or not Europe; even a pro-European Brit will not let you have that.

Now everyone wants to squeeze the tooth paste back into the tube. David Cameron is loved by anti-European Brits, which he wants to distance himself from and now France and Germany see the slow creeping danger of Britain getting a referendum at a time when public British opinion is fulled against the EU.

People like Nigel Farage love this and he'll be having a splendid time in front of the unelected President, fuelling more anger and telling 'little englanders' what they want to hear. In the meantime, Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy must be thinking; 'we played this one wrong.' I would like to bang their heads together and make them eat lumpy porridge until they sort this blooming mess out.

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