The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pardon Ostracised Irish Soldiers that joined British Army in WWII.

An estimated 10% of Irish soldiers from the Republic of Ireland, deserted to join the British Army during WWII. Some of these soldiers (around 5,000) helped liberate small nations under National Socialism. Some were present when the British Army liberated Belsen Death Camp and others fought against Japan in the far East. This was only twenty years after Ireland won Independence from the UK during the Tan War and the following Civil War. These events left strong anti-British feeling and caused much suffering for Ireland's people.

However, I hope these men, who were caught in a dilemma of conscience, will be pardoned by the Irish government as they remained proud Irishmen and returned to Ireland, after the war, to be ostracised by their country. Other deserters who turned to crime were not put on such a terrible check list, banning all government industries from employing them. In some cases, children were taken from these people and put into state care because they could not be kept by fathers with no income. Did Ireland fight a war against doing this sort of thing? Surely there can be some pardon for the Irish soldiers? Such things have come about in other nations of Europe.

If it was not for the help of many people from other nations; Britain could have been over run and then Ireland would have been too, for I do not believe that her neutrality would have been respected once fortress Britain fell. These Irish soldiers did great service for the UK and, in the long run, Ireland. 

Please, to the government of Ireland, pardon these men who left to follow their conscience. They did not betray Ireland and I'm sure they never would. They helped stop the spread of National Socialism and the attempted genocide of a whole race of people.

10% of Ireland's Neutral Army joined the British Army in WWII

To the good Government of Ireland, please pardon the 'much appreciated' 10% - the very brave men who joined the British Army in WWII.

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