The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Giving You The Ferryman of Death

We had a smashing Sunday afternoon shopping in Kings Lynn today. It was crisp and cold but the sky was clear and blue. Just the sort of day to wonder out across the farms of the Fenland towards the old town of the Wash area. The landscape has become bleak - the trees are bare because the leaves have fallen, yet still the Fenland is compelling and sad.

My wife (Carole) and I often do the circuit around the Lynn shops and mostly we just mooch about. After a visit to Subway for coffee and foot long bap, we moved on to one of those weird gift shops that sell various themed souvenirs. They offer shoppers a growing Gothic section with all sorts of gimmicky ornaments. Some of the things were most compelling, presenting all sorts of quirky attractions. It was a little like an Aladdin's Cave. There were Gothic wine goblets with skeleton hands holding the bowl, ugly witches, pretty witches, grim reapers, Gothic Raven haired girl statues and faeries etc.

I was compelled as my interest grew. I'm now at a stage where I do like to spoil myself and spend something now and then. Perhaps many might call it trivial, but hey! I'm 55 and I've paid my mortgage and its time to indulge myself and put a slice of casual cash to something that flickers my interest rate in quaint things. Some of it was rather tacky, but again; if it flicks a switch and you like something; go buy it.

My attention was caught by the various incense stick holders. We have one indoors but it is bland looking. A smooth strip of wood turned up at the end with a hole to slide the incense stick in. It does the job and I've never entertained the idea of replacing it. We use it in the evening while watching TV. In truth we only entered the shop to see what type of incense sticks they had, but got side tracked by the wonderful array of Gothic souvenirs on display. Among the many things were artistically designed incense holders. I was rather taken by the goulish one above - the ferryman in his boat upon the lake of death. Carole was amused at my facination of it, and while I went to choose incense sticks, she bought the ferryman incence holder in his skull clad raft.


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