The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Kestrel Bird of Prey Hovers and Hunts Over the Fenland.

We took dotty dog Dotty over the Fens yesterday. She always gets excited when she watches Carole and I get the camera and the coffee flask. Once the back packs come out her hopes start to get the better of her. She begins to whine excitedly, hoping she is coming along for the trip too.

As soon as one of us goes into the cupboard for the lead, that is it! Dotty can no longer contain herself and starts barking excitedly. We have to strap her in the back of the car or she’ll just keep jumping about, still unable to contain her joy. As we go along the many canals and country lanes towards the Manea bird hide Dotty starts whining more excitedly.

Because the bridal path runs along a dyke with a river either side. (River Bedford and the River Delph) We are able to let Dotty run her heart out. And she does with great aplomb. If other dogs come along, we quickly put her on a lead. She is always most unfriendly with other dogs when first being introduced. However, other dogs in this remote area are far and few between.

I’m stopping here and there looking for the birds of prey. There are a number of Kestrels hovering over the Fens in search of lunch. Perhaps a mouse or a vole. One female Kestrel came close to the hide and I managed to get a few good photo shots of her.

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