The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Inner Core EU Have Become Like the Old Untouchables in the Palace of Versailles.

The EU could have been a good idea, but with no electoral control over the inner core, we – the people can’t punish such un-elected rulers via the ballot box. This has resulted in a hijacking of a glorious project. Ruined by liberal socialists who spout their cheaply acquired nobility. Unaccountable people who impose (what they decide) is good for us. No arguments, no discussion. If you do get a vote and reject anything. You are blackmailed and forced to vote again.

The majority of UK people voted to leave the EU and an even bigger majority of the nation accept the result. Business must fund itself or perish. Some of our smaller industries can't get up to run because of the EU red tape that binds them. There are consequences of staying in and there are challenges of coming out. We have heard all of this before we voted. Many decided that staying in the EU, and having no electoral control over a second and higher tier of unelected rulers, far more troublesome than being independent. Independent and with electoral control seems safer despite the efforts of economic fear mongering. We do not want to be ruled by business people and economists. We’ve had too much of that and they have not always been right.

The people must have a choice, not a boardroom committee. They become disengaged with us (the people) and impose what they decide it right. We can see the problems of this governing apparatus much more nowadays. It will have to change and adapt or things will get worse for Europe because of the EU.

For decades now, mass migration on a level of gross irresponsibility has been easily splattered as racism. It has been tossed aside as something dirty and not worthy of attention. It has been conveniently dismissed for years with a batch of unsavoury labels to hang on anyone who dares to mention the subject. These Liberal elitists think they should have a free pass on immigration. They no longer think rank and file workers, who must make up a huge majority of the European population, should have any say concerning the mass movement of people.

The un-elected inner governing core of the EU have become like the untouchables in Palace of Versailles. How long before more nations rebel? How long before some brave soul within the EU acknowledges that a union must belong to the people and the EU is subservient to an electorate? How long before inner core EU politicians engage with an electorate whose concerns and fears must be acted upon in order to be elected to a high level of responsibility?

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