The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Moyra Melons Bland Ear Rings

Moyra Melons was a little concerned that these ovoid pair were not the best of her collection - as ear rings go, these brown circular things were a little bland.

When her poor husband walked into the room he was confronted by the sight you see before you as Moyra sought an honest opinion from him.

"Do you think these pair are a little less striking then usual?" she asked.

Her poor husband coughed and came over in his usual hot flush. "How can you not be confident with a pair like that dear?"

"I just think they look a little bland and uninteresting - a bit yucky!" she replied.

"You've never had a yucky pair in all your life my little petal. Every pair you display are very outstanding. I can hardly contain myself - you should never lack confidence when displaying anything you decide upon."

Moyra Melons frowned. "So you actually like this pair. They are a horrible uninteresting brown and look so bland. I can't carry these off at a social gathering."

"Oh I think you could carry them off very well my dear. Allow me to explain why." He said as he closed the door.

By the time he had got his point across, Moyra Melons wasn't sure she wanted to carry off such bland ear rings at a social gathering on the basis of other attributes. Her husband had gone to great lengths to demonstrate this. I think she got a certain amount of gratification from his endeavours though I can't think why, can you?

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