The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Scammell Mechanical Horse at the Avon Valley Railway

The three wheeled Scammell Mechanical Horse
I've always wanted to do a little blog on the three wheeled Scammell Mechanical horse trucks because they are very much part of my little Retro Brit world of memories. When I was very small - going back to about 1964 or 1965; I lived very close to Mile End station, in the old Southern Grove buildings. I remember going down the shops with my mother right by Mile End tube station, and one of the vivid memories I have, is that of these yellow Scammell Mechanical horse trucks, coming along the main road. I can remember old black taxis and these peculiar little trucks. I can see one now, in my minds eye, coming under the railway bridge that goes across the main road before getting to Bow station.

These old Scammells were about in early sixties

I also had loads of toy cars in an old brown suit case and among them was a toy Scammell truck. In my little kid's world, I thought this toy three wheeled truck was marvelous. They are rather ugly looking things and I'm sure they are not as practical as some of the trucks we have today. They are all gone now, except for those owned by collectors.

Toy three wheeled Scammell
The video at the beggining of the blog is from YouTube and it is owned by an enthusiast who has kept it looking well. I think it is even older then some of the Scammells I remember seeing as a kid.

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