The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Only a Matter of Time - UK Referendum on EU

I honestly think it is only a matter of time now, before the British government is forced to have a referendum on EU. We are going to; join properly and wade in to help or leave and join the rest of the world. 

I can see the arguments for both sides, but if such a referendum happened now; I believe the UK might leave. This would be sad, because this anger has come about over the veto that David Cameron rightly used. What he could not for see was how popular it has made him among anti-Euro Brits that are not really on his side. He has started a slide towards Euro referendum, no matter how much he tries to play it down.

The 'Merkozy' deal on stronger fiscal union was also too far sighted, no matter how much they try to play it down. There was total intransigence in this new treaty and their politics failed with the UK. They (Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy) should have granted David Cameron his assurances and then tried to claim them back bit by bit in the future. (Slowly, slowly, catch a monkey) The present UK government would one day change and then more fiscal union might have been easier to approach concerning the UK. After all; would this not have been sensible politics? Remember, the UK does not want the Euro to fail - it is not in her interests at all.

It was badly played by Germany and France and now they face something different. It is foolish to say that the EU can go on with the UK out in the cold. It will not work. This applies if you are in mainland Europe or on the UK island of. The Eurozone put UK where it is for being right and have now created a passionate anti-Euro voice in the UK. These anti-Euro Brits are coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

For the UK, referendum in the near future, could be fuelled by what Germany and France have done, for the UK blames them and not the rest of Europe. With this resentment still festering; I think the UK might vote to leave. This is because the UK seems to believe it does not need the EU that much concerning continuous regulation on financial institutions. We are told by ant-Euro Brits that the UK also pays a lot of money into the EU - far more then she gets back. She also imports more then she exports to the EU. I am not sure if all this is true, but as pro European and British; I'm concerned that Europe will loose the second biggest contributor (France claims more back then the UK).

In turn, if the UK turns to the rest of the world outside of Europe; she could find that her isand nation is punching above weight in this day and age. The be all and end all remains; the UK is shut out with no say while the EU appears to want continuous UK payments for 'more nothing' and closed doors. Something needs to be done on the EU side of the fence - no matter how angry Germany and France are concerning this. Your partner, ally and neighbour does not agree to some of the treaty proposals and it is written into its own laws that such change would bring about a referendum. One that the EU can ill afford and the UK - maybe.

The EU new fiscal union treaty led by Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy needs to be more attractive to the second biggest contributor (UK). This is not to be sneered at, so be proper politicians and play politics; get the UK back on board to ovoid this slide towards referendum. You can't get angry with a nation that see this coming and still wants to help.

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