The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Moyra Melons Spiffing New Year Ear Rings

Moyra Melons' wonderfully 'in love' husband was talking to his fellow work colleagues about his wife's fixation with ear rings. It was some time into the New Year function and he was a little worse for wear, concerning alcohol in take.

"My wife loves her collection of ear rings," said his large whisky and splash.

"Really," replied a gin and tonic. "Do go on. I'm all ears."

"Well she is constantly worrying that her exotic taste in ear rings will always steal the show. Therefore she is in a constant dilemma not to make them stand out to much. She tries to play them down so that people might not notice them," added his whisky and splash. "Oh, I say - here comes my darling Moyra now."

As one might well imagine, all heads turned as Moyra Melons entered the room amid many admiring glances. One could hear the envious exclamation from a delighted Bacardi and coke; "I say what a splendid pair of ear rings - phinnar, phinnar what..." 

Moyra Melons walked up to her well oiled husband and received a kiss on the cheek. She was a little embarrassed by the smiles of approval from the rest of the admiring male company because she was now sure her ear rings were screaming out for attention, though she could not see them this way when putting them on.

"Oh dear," she whispered to her proud husband. "I've done it again, haven't I? This pair are screaming out to be noticed and I honestly could not see it at the time when I put them on. Only now when I enter this room do I realise my ear rings are, perhaps, a little too showy."

"Oh please don't worry my little petal," replied his large whisky and splash. "When you feel you've got it wrong in some ways; you always get it right in others."

The gin and tonic lent its voice to the praise. "I think your fine pair of ear rings are spiffing Mrs Melons, and I'm sure they always will be." 
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