The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Do You Believe in Cutting Out the Snacks and Sauces for a Nice Fruit Salad.

Do You Believe in Cutting Out the Snacks and Sauces for a Nice Fruit Salad?

At work, when the local health visitors came, we had the regular blood test done checking for cholesterol levels and obeseness. I was diplomatically told that I had a 8% chance of a stroke and at 55 I had the body of a 57-year-old. My good cholesterol was too low and bad cholesterol was too high. At five foot eight inches, I should have a body weight of eleven stone, seven pounds. I was fifteen stone and six pounds.

Basically, I had become a fat git who needed to cut done on the pork life and get some exercise in. This was about eight weeks ago. I knew I was pushing it and this was a wee bit of a wake-up call.

I was eating hardly a thing during the day, at work, but when I got in I always had a big dinner and from that moment I was always motoring. I would eat my dinner and sit down in front of the TV and continue eating crisps. nuts, ice cream, chocolate. The weekends came and it was large donner kebabs with chilli sauce and chips, then Guinness and red wine.

Nothing was done in moderation and when I say crisps, it was a whole family pack of six bags during the night. It was getting ridiculous.

I started the diet as soon as I got home. Also, our local doctors have a dietician come every few weeks and the health visitors booked me in to see her. 

Well, I decided to cut out all crisps and other things I spoke of. I took one wrap to work with a couple of plums. Sometimes apples or oranges. When I got home, I eat a smaller sized dinner, often tuna steaks and salmon dishes as I do like fish. When I went to see the dietician, first off, it was two weeks after the health visit. I was down to fifteen stone. A loss of six pounds. I saw her again ten days ago and I was fourteen stone, six pounds. I got on my scales this morning and I'm fourteen stone.

I've found my old, 34 waists jeans can fit and I'm also beginning to feel good about myself. Also, I've found I'm enjoying meals more. The dietician showed me a number of things concerning five a day fruits. I've found that fresh fruit salad is gorgeous. She also said that I need to have dairy products in moderation, but not to cut them out. Therefore, I use a small amount of low-fat Greek yogurt on top of the fruit salad bowl. 

My wife and I went out picking blackberries that seem to be growing everywhere. Also kiwi fruits, mangos, plums, blueberries, bananas and apples from the supermarkets. Once I've eaten my dinner, I no longer snack. I'm not hungry and I'm not craving anything either. I'm just getting more encouraged by the gradual weight loss. I keep asking myself why I took so long to get around to doing this. I think the health check visits are a good thing. 

Oh! I almost forgot about a cross-trainer that I use to burn off around 100 calories. That is not much every day, I grant, but it all adds up and if one did want to do rapid weight loss then perhaps a longer session would do. I'm sticking to 100 calories a day on the cross trainer for now.  

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