The Last Days of Thunder Child

The Last Days of Thunder Child
War of the Worlds - spin off adaptation novel.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I Wanted a Claymore and to Fight Redcoats After My Visit to the Kiltmakers. (And I'm a Sacanach!)

I thought that trying on my Prince Charlie formal suit would be a good idea and it was time to remove the thread that was holding the pleats together. This allows the kilt to swing better when turning. In the end, I decided to put on the entire suit and walk about to see how it looked.

I wanted to get a claymore and go out and fight Redcoats. That's coming from me; a regular Sasanach in a County Waterford tartan from Ireland. Still, I do love this suit and can't wait to wear it when on my holiday cruise during the formal dinner evenings.

My Visit to the Kiltmakers in Peterborough

By coincidence, it was my birthday on the day that the House of Tartan Kiltmakers (One based in Peterborough) finished making my Prince Charlie formal suit for the cruise functions my wife and I like to attend when we go on holiday.

So many people like to wear the family colours for their formal evenings during the cruises and the outfits look great, in my opinion. I spoke to a few of the people who attended the formal dinner nights aboard ship and I spoke of my desire to acquire such splendid evening wear. I was informed that the vast majority of British people have ancestral lines plus there are a variety of tartans one can wear. 

Therefore, with great aplomb, I went along my family line and saw a number of tartans I could wear. There was Price-Powell, Howell-Powell, Davidson and along the female line from my Mother's side, there was the County Waterford Irish tartan line. I decided to look up the various kiltmakers and to my delight and surprise, there is The House of Tartan Kiltmakers based close to my Fenland home. They are located in the city of Peterborough. I was thrilled that a place was so close.

I found the website of Stan and Pat Wallace Pope at  The whole experience of our visit to the kiltmakers was wonderful. I met a Scottish lady called Pat Wallace-Pope and her kiltmakers store was like an Aladin's cave of wonderful Scottish Highland things. She was a true professional and has been involved in kiltmaking since she was a young girl of four. No doubt watching her family elders and learning the trade as she grew.

We were shown books of various tartans and Pat Wallace-Pope knew all of the Irish ones too. I got the complete Highland Outfit in the Prince Charlie style. I was measured up with all of the various other things thrown in like Musquash Sporran, Sgian Dubhs, Ghillie Dubhs, Flashes, Buckles and Belts etc.

After a few weeks, over the Christmas period, I got a phone call to say my Formal Highland Outfit with County Waterford kilt was ready. My fitting date was my 56th birthday and I was looking forward to this with some excitement. My wife joked that I would be me leaving the place with my birthday suit. 

Pat Wallace-Pope also gave my wife a complimentary tartan sash of County Waterford tartan to go with her evening dress. We are hoping to be show stoppers on our next cruise. 

If you are into cruising and would like a formal Highland Outfit then I would like to recommend: 

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